Saturday, February 21, 2009

Notre Dame presents...

On Friday night R and I went to see Pride and Prejudice at Notre Dame Catholic High School. I have to say that Dominic played a fabulous Mr Collins and stole every scene that he was in, he played him as being more ridiculous and less of a weiner if you get the idea.
Ahhh, Elizabeth and Darcy. We know how this ends up don't we.
Daria, in the red dress played Caroline Bingley. She lives across the street from us so I can say "we knew her when...". She's lovely!
The Bennet Sisters on an outing with Mr Collins, poor girls!
There was a young boy, around 6 years old, that was there to see his friend, Katie (Elizabeth Bennet). He stood throughout the whole play and I couldn't resist turning around to watch his face just glow with sheer delight. He was waving to Katie as if she were up on stage for no one else but him. His whispered commentary had those of us around him in stitches! "He really does like her" or "She's just jealous" were a couple of the things he would say in a quiet moment, very intuitive child!
Thanks to the students for a wonderful night!

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