Monday, December 21, 2009

Persephone Meret

It's called a Meret because it was a mystery knit on Ravelry, blend 'mystery' and 'beret', you get Meret. Once it was blocked it was going to be wrapped and put under the tree as a surprise for The Heiress. But there were doubts, would it be too big, too slouchy...I had knitter's anxiety and there was only one thing to do. Creeping into The Inner Sanctum that is a young adults room, I whispered 'are you awake?'. She loves it and it's perfect!


  1. How could she not love it? Gorgeous!

    And I've finally added a profile picture to my ravelry account--now just need to add some actual knitting pictures!

    K x

  2. Now that is lovely. It may well be finding its may into my Ravelry queue very soon.

  3. It's absolutley could she not love it??

  4. Darlene, the Meret is stunning! It the Heiress decides it's not to her taste, I'll gladly volunteer to wear it!

  5. How beautiful! The Heiress is lucky indeed! You are so talented, Darlene!

  6. Kristina, Thank you! Whatever did we do before computers? D x

    Cornflower, I've been inspired by your gorgeous tams, so thank you!

    Claire, Sort of like a grey snowflake isn't it!

    Book Psmith, She's already put in an order for another one...I really should teach her how to do it herself.

    FleurFisher, Thank you! These one skein projects are fab.

    JoAnn, I know...what was I thinking! Thanks for the compliment.

    Sharon, Oh you can make your own lol! It would look terrific on Mel.

    Rachel, Aww thanks! She already has me knitting another one, I started it tonight watching the old black and white movie 'The Heiress'!

    I'm going to send your Ishbel along tomorrow so watch for it in about 10 days:)

  7. It's absolutely gorgeous (and looks very complicated!!). I am sure she had to love it. Have a great holiday Darlene. And enjoy your time off! :)

  8. Danielle, Thank you, she does love fact, she has me making her another! Have a very merry Christmas!

  9. That is absolutely lovely!