Friday, January 29, 2010

Too Much Calm

Far from being calm, apparently I lost it. Well you would too if you were a raging anglophile in a world full of moose heads and maple syrup! These lovelies were found in a Chapters bookstore last weekend and I couldn't resist. Reeling with the guilt of loading up my arms with paraphernalia, none of which I needed but desperately wanted, I can barely think without shame, of why I bought a journal when I can type my thoughts on this blog. Perhaps I can console myself by using it to track the number of teabags used in any given day, information which will be highly useful if found in a time capsule 100 years from now I'm sure. This is greed at its height. Actually, the gift bag is for housing my latest knitting project and therefore, most useful. The Keep Calm and Carry On slogan is just the thing required when you've ripped out one hours work because you've taken your eye off of the ball....literally. I do have some pride left in knowing that the first-aid kit (damn, the tin would have made a terrific time capsule!) and bandage box remained on the shelf. Hoarding is not at all a feminine virtue, and desperate to hold on to some sort of decorum, I thought it best to leave something for the other customers. After confession, people are supposed to feel better and I do. Please feel free to share the last time you felt guilty about buying too much of a good thing.


  1. When I indulge in books although there is never too much of a good thing when it comes to books.

    Friends of ours had the Keep Calm and Carry on mug on their wedding list when they married in December :).

  2. I hope you feel less guilty knowing how much pleasure your post brings to others...I thoroughly enjoyed the photo (and knowing I am not alone in sometimes going overboard:). My last guilty buy was in December when I bought too many hardcover editions of Miss Read on ebay...but you should know I have recovered completely!

  3. You're so lucky to be in the land of maple syrup!

    We have a purple Keep Calm and Carry On poster framed in our living room...not that I do a very good job of keeping calm and carrying on...perhaps I should look at it more often!

    K x

  4. I found keep calm and carry on rubber stamps and ordered both styles. I make business size cards and enjoy passing them out as needed.

  5. Hahaha! You don't need to feel guilty about such lovely purchases! I have a small Keep Calm and Carry On poster above my desk at work - useful for those moments of slight stress, when there are a thousand things to be done before 5.30 and it's already 4pm...

    The V&A shop carries a lot of this stuff...I'll keep my eyes out for a little Darlene sized gift..

  6. Stopping by to say hello from the You've Got Mail reading challenge.

    I recently saw these items at Barnes and Noble. I'm not sure how I managed to pass up the journal. I have a bit of an obsession with blank books, which never become filled.

  7. I gave into this as well. I bought the poster when we were in Amsterdam in October. They actually had different colors to choose from. I chose a lovely powder blue. I am going to take it in this week to be framed.

  8. Oh, how perfect to find them! I have admired them at a distance and from blogs, but haven't seen them here. Would you be willing to let me in on your secret? Which Chapters did you find them in? I shop at the Chapters in Waterloo and have not spotted them....yet.
    I'd love to surprise my daughter who is stressing out at College at the would be a good reminder for her!
    On another note, you must take a Sunday Drive to Orangeville for a lovely Tea Room that has opened up recently...perfectly British!Somewhere Else Tea Room owner Elaine Downes is bringing the tranquility of High Tea to downtown Orangeville. Her new shop offers a quiet respite, with lovely decor and a cozy sitting area (complete with fireplace) for shoppers and those working downtown. She has just officially opened her doors this past month and invites everyone to stop in for a cuppa and a bite. Congrats to Elaine and much success in your new venture. Somewhere Else is located at 114 Broadway, across from TD Canada Trust.
    While there, you might want to shop at Blighty's for a quick anglophile fix!
    Thanks for letting me enjoy your blog!

    You might want to telephone for open hours before taking the drive to Orangeville!

    Somewhere Else Tea Room
    114 Broadway

  9. Hee! Now that is a nice way to remind yourself. Think of them as tools for a zen lifestyle?

    I have the Keep Calm poster in my living room - it's one of my favorite things.

  10. Also, much sympathy on having to frog back. I've done that more times than I can count.

  11. Oh, and you can never have enough mugs or notebooks, in my opinion. I'm the same as you with anything Penguin bring out - one day I'll snap and buy the Katherine Mansfield 'The Garden Party' deckchair...

  12. I have the tea towel, and would love to own the mug as I have a bit of a thing for mugs!

  13. Paperback Reader, You have to love a couple with reasonably priced gifts on their registry. All the best to them!

    Book Psmith, You made me feel better...and isn't it amazing how quickly we can get over the odd indulgence here and there!

    Kristina, I have the same problem but have learned to say 'what's the worst that can happen?' a bit more often.

    It was pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast this morning...yum! D x

    Sherry, Hi and thanks for stopping by! What a fabulous idea, your cards must be a real hit!

    Book Snob, A perfect poster for above your desk! Ms Fenn, if you are going to spend any money on a gift, please let it be High Wages for yourself!!! You are too lovely.

    Kristi, I know what you mean, there is something so aesthetically pleasing about a brand new notebook isn't there!

    Thomas, I've seen them in the different shades, perfect for co-ordinating with your decor. A friend sent me the tea towel which I turned into a banner for my laundry room. You should be very happy with your framed poster!

    Joanne, It was the Chapters across from Sherway in Mississauga.

    makesoandread, It looks as though quite a few of us admire this wonderful slogan! As for the knitting...I'm in good company then.

    StuckInABook, A perfect title for one of those Penguin deckchairs...I hope you do buy yourself one! You've made me feel better about my mug and notebook, thanks Simon.

    verity, Kristina sent me the tea towel for Christmas just over a year ago. I've hung it as a banner in my laundry room...a good place to be reminded to keep calm and carry on! I'm in good company then as I have a thing for mugs as well.

  14. Never second guess these kinds of purchases. There's no need for guilt when you know you want something so badly--it only dampens your appreciation of them later! :) Someone sent me little cards with the slogan that I use for bookmarks. I could be happy with one of those mugs. And you may be in the land of maple syrup, but you are still far far closer to any cool British things than I am in the oh so flat Plains of the American Midwest! My last guilt trip--I just splurged on a needlework chart and all the supplies--chart, floss and five, yes five pieces of linen (there are actually five charts and five different linens that are sewn together at the end to make a sampler). I don't need it, but I had to have it anyway. I didn't even ask what the total price was, as I was too afraid. I'll find out next week when it all comes in the mail. So, that will be me opening the bill...stay calm and carry on!

  15. Danielle, You made me laugh this morning! It took me two weeks to work up the courage to spend $160 on an addi Click set of knitting needles. I think this behaviour is another sign of my being a downstairs girl in another life as I can well afford these luxuries but my soul is just so inherently practical! Your needlework is just gorgeous, Danielle. The cost of the sampler will be well worth the result at the end. BTW, I've ordered a copy of Their Finest Hour and Half!

  16. What a lovely post. Did you know that you can also get all of these products in blue with "NOW PANIC AND FREAK OUT"? My husband bought me a mug of each so that I can chose depending on my mood; today is a panicing and freaking out day.

  17. Sometimes you need a little retail therapy! Maybe it was the colour that tempted you, I always have an urge for red at this time of year. Lovely post.

  18. Hannah, Yes I have seen those, they're quite funny aren't they! There were some other mugs in Chapters, styled the same way, saying something like 'Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes'. It's spreading!

    Vintage Reading, The red really brightens up a room doesn't it. I'm loving all things retro, particularly WWII era, at the moment. A visit to The Imperial War Museum last May really made an impression.

  19. Lovely! I've been wanting to get the poster for a while but I love the mug!