Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dueling Pastimes

 My latest knitting project is the Tangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang.  Below is a photo of the finished article and I must admit to being somewhat, okay...a lot, apprehensive about the 'tangled yoke' bit around the shoulders.  The graph is nothing short of mind bending genius in its planning but is widely known in knitting circles as '18 rows of hell'.  I can do this, I can do this, I can...

With Christmas just a flip of the calendar away, I've also started a pair of socks for The Heiress.  As I watched the final episode of Downton Abbey last night it occurred to me that I should be knitting while I was just sitting there but I was riveted!  Equally enamoured with the storyline going on upstairs and downstairs, it's going to be an excruciating wait for next season to find out how situations conclude for the Earl of Grantham's family and staff.  They could drag this out for ages and I would be in heaven!

Pacing myself for Cornflower's online book group, A Game of Hide and Seek on November 20, hasn't been easy.  This is such a wonderful story and has kept me up late a few nights.  While not a humourous story, there were some laugh out loud scenes in the first quarter of the book.  All I will say is who knew hot wax was used for hair removal in the early fifties?  For some reason that I can only chalk up to judging this author by my first reading experience of her in, In a Summer Season, I pictured Taylor as reserved.  Reading Nicola Beauman's biography, The Other Elizabeth Taylor at some point is a must to find out more about this author who can make me laugh on one page and be lyrical the next.

So that's what I've been up to lately when I have some spare time.  Thank goodness for big bags of peanuts and some busy squirrels on the patio to keep Deacon entertained! 


  1. 18 rows of hell - oh dear!!! I'll cross my fingers for you, lets hope you dont end up in knitting purgatory...

    I literally CANNOT believe they ended the series there. I mean, surely it was only 2 weeks ago they announced that there'd be a second series - imagine if that had been the actual end! I watched it on ITV player a bit later that night and it was telling me that there was a 1hr episode, but then a 30 minute one afterwards. So I watched the 1 hr episode, made myself a cup of tea, and came back to watch the next 30 minutes. It was only THEN i realised that the end of the previous hour had, in fact, been The End. AGH!!!

    Happy knitting, your cardigan looks really lovely :) I once went to a knitting group where a girl was wearing one and it was so, so lovely.

  2. Love the way you coordinate your knitting and your reading - that's a girl after my own heart, well it would be if I could knit! I am so envious of your knitting abilities but will just have to stick with the cross stitch!

  3. "18 rows of hell" - LOL! I know you can do it, but it sure does look complicated. Squirrels have been keeping Zelda entertained, too... our walks have turned into squirrel hunts lately.

  4. While 18 rows of hell sounds more than daunting, I do know you can do it. I have often marveled at your beautiful stitch work and I have no doubt this will be another to admire:) I have only read one by Taylor (which I really enjoyed)but hope to remedy that soon. I can easily understand Deacon's thing about squirrels...I have found myself watching those silly things play about in the back and then kick myself after realizing twenty minutes passed in a flash.

  5. Downton Abbey? Where have you been watching it, Darlene? I've only just heard of it (from Random Jottings) but assumed it wouldn't cross the Atlantic for a while yet.

  6. jane, Ravelry has given me many things, most of all the confidence to finish anything I start. If some wet behind the ears young lady of 22 can finish this sweater then I will die before I give up, hahaha!

    As for Downton Abbey...I agree completely!!

    verity, You've had me missing a couple of cross-stitch projects that I abandoned a couple of years ago. Stitch all you can, Verity, before you need bifocals!

    JoAnn, Oh I do miss seeing Zelda! Please post a photo of her again sometime soon!

    As for the knitting, thanks for your vote of confidence.

    Stacy, I think spending time just gazing out of your window is lovely in a world that spins too fast. Because we feed our little hairy friends they press their noses up against our window!

    Susan, I've sent you an email.

  7. Oh your cardigan is going to look amazing. I have complete faith in you. And then I hope you're going to share your tips and tricks for getting through the 18 rows of hell since this one is in my queue, too!

    K x

  8. Kristina, Will do! At some point today I have to troll Ravelry for someone who has recently finished that is willing to be my tipster.

  9. Oh Darlene, how I envy your knitting skills! That's going to be a lovely cardigan when you've finished.

    People need to STOP TALKING about this Downton Abbey because I can't watch it and I am desperate to! I am hoping the DVD will be coming my way for Christmas!

    I need to read more Elizabeth Taylor - I have all her books at home but have been rationing them. When I return to the UK next year I'll gorge myself! Then read the biography, as her life intrigues me. Seemingly ordinary but lots going on under the surface, I suspect.

  10. bookssnob, DVD's from England may not play on North American players, Rachel. Ask a techie about this if you're hoping to get a copy mailed out to you.

    I can just picture you in your pj's with a cup of tea and no picture...I would hear the scream all the way over at my house!