Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Icy Reception...

A tad sinister and not at all welcoming but still quite beautiful.


  1. Do you not want any post Christmas visitors, Darlene?! I wouldn't want that falling on my head!

  2. Just don't hang around to long when the thaw sets in!

  3. I think weather patterns have changed all around the world. It was 18 degrees here in Sri Lanka. It has not been that for some 60 years! We consider that very very cold!!!!!

  4. bookssnob, Hahahaha..a good way to keep all of the trifle and chocolates just for us!

    verity, Exactly!

    Rob, The sun was out yesterday and when I got home from work it was gone, too bad.

    Mystica, Oh you would not do very well here at all! Long underwear works wonders.

  5. That looks a little dangerous--imagine a crime using an would melt and there would then be no evidence! I'm reading too many mysteries, I think.