Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Wanderer Returns

This gorgeous bouquet was amongst others at a vendor's stall outside the Holburn tube station and the first instance I whipped out my camera in London.  We ladies had dropped off our bags and were headed for Lincoln's Inn Fields, specifically the Hunterian museum.  The budding criminologist couldn't wait to see various specimans and body parts preserved in jars.

The Heiress and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  The agony of dragging heavy bags from pillar to post was nothing in comparison to the wonder of being back in a city we thoroughly enjoy.  The crowds of people, the rush of the tube, people enjoying the sun in leafy squares and someone with an English accent calling you "Madam" will put a smile on your face after a long overnight flight.  And then there is the stunning architecture topped by chimney pots and gargoyles, foreign to those of us used to square, functional offices with little character.

Usually I refuse to give in to jet lag but as of this moment the white flag must be waved to and fro.  By the end of my shift at the library yesterday I just wanted to curl into a ball and fall fast asleep so apologies for the delay in writing about our adventure.  Who else in my neighbourhood has the warm glow from a computer shining through their window at such an early hour this morning though, I ask you?

There is so much to share about Canterbury, Oxford, Jane Austen's house in Chawton and a peaceful stroll through gorgeous Chelsea to Carlyle's house.  The absolute cherry on top of the whole trip was meeting five of my blog friends.  It would have been six but for Verity coming down with mumps of all things!  In so many instances, this trip was about connecting with people at every opportunity and though I was alone for much of the trip I was never lonely.  So my aim is to be get things caught up around the house, take a photo or two of the books that were purchased and given and to be awake enough to string a sentence together by mid-afternoon.  Be back soon! 


  1. Beautiful photo.

    cannot wait to hear about your adventures.


  2. I am still sad about missing you - I cried on Thursday :( I cried A LOT with the mumps. I'm glad you went to Carylyle's house - wonderful. Anyway, I hope you will do a diary like last time. I found your blog just after you'd started writing that up!

  3. I can't wait to read your reports, Darlene, and see what you got up to in Oxford!
    Simon x