Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My View of the Harbour in Oakville

With Elizabeth Taylor's evocative novel A View of the Harbour still fresh in my mind, R and I went for a drive to Oakville.  The temperatures have been way above seasonal which makes my heart sing for those of us who haven't flocked to Florida for March break.  For those interested in a snippet of history, this harbour played a part in the Underground Railroad.  During the 1800s, several captains hid slaves from the United States on their ships so they could escape to safe houses dotted throughout the region.
Deacon came along so naturally Just An Olde Fashioned Butchery was our first stop for sausage on a bun.  They are the absolute BEST!  The minute we parked the car on a sidestreet his nose picked up the scent wafting from the barbeque set up out front and we let him lead the way.  After a stroll up one side of the main street and down the other we grabbed something sweet and found a bench on the grounds of the Erchless Estate which houses the Oakville Museum.  And if you're a Canadian kid you play on the moose statue while cast-iron wolves stalk nearby.

The Black Forest Bakery always has a line-up on the weekend and it's a rare thing for us not to join the queue.  My jeans wore a dusting of icing sugar by the time my Empire cookies were all gone but what did I care?  The sun was warm and shining on our back, we had a content dog by our side and even though the calendar still says Winter, it couldn't have been more like the perfect Spring day.  Who needs Florida?


  1. Lovely, Darlene. I can feel the spring sunshine in your pictures.

    We had a similar trek yesterday, same weather, same lake, different shore (east end of Toronto) with my grandsons. They never tire of throwing stones in the water.

  2. Lovely lovely lovely but WHAT is an empire cookie?!

  3. Oooh the Empire Cookie looks delicious! The perfect way to welcome in spring. K x

  4. Susan, We could see Toronto in the distance, I'll wave 'hello' next time!

    Claire, It certainly brought out the masses and put a smile on everyone's face.

    bookssnob, Ooh, would you call them Linzer cookies (check bottom photo)? I have witnessed for myself that you know your way around a bakery!

    kristina, I just went for it and ate two of them! Well, Deacon had a nibble here and there...

  5. I was in Oakville over Christmas, visiting my sister-in-law! It's such a gorgeous place, I love the little old fashioned downtown area there. My sister-in-law had a house nearby, so we walked downtown most days and by the water too. I wanted to move there, the old houses are so lovely.

    And even back in less exciting Regina, this unCanadian early spring is delightful! We've been out walking more often too.