Friday, May 4, 2012

Books, Buck House and Buckets

Last weekend we were in Toronto and with a quick 'see you soon!' shouted over my shoulder at my husband I made straight for the 'H' section of BMV for another L P  Hartley title.  Poor Stella Gibbons has been sandwiched between one excellent read, The Hireling, and another, The Go-Between, reported to be even better.  While My American is lovely I really can't say it has me rushing home from work to pick up where I left off or flicking on my bedside lamp in the middle of the night to sneak a few pages in.  Who knows though, the ending may just have me eating my words.

I also wanted to stop in to Nicholas Hoare after receiving an email reporting the closure of two of his shops, one in Montreal and one in Ottawa.  The rents are rising by a ridiculous amount and I heaved a sigh of relief that one of my favourite bookshops in Toronto hasn't been affected, yet.  Too many times have I enjoyed all the glory of this fine establishment and then bought the titles that caught my eye on The Book Depository to save money (mind you, their prices are creeping upwards since Amazon's buyout).  I can't continue to have my cake and eat it too so I dished out for Millions Like Us by Virginia Nicholson, a book I've been coveting for quite some time.  A few weeks ago I pulled out my copy of Sisters at Arms about nurses during several conflicts and was so upset by the treatment and rape of these brave women at the hands of the Japanese that I had to set it aside.  Usually I wouldn't shy away from tales of horror but in that book it was unrelenting, hopefully Nicholson's book will have a lighter side at least some of the time.

Oh, and I had an email yesterday from The Heiress.  She was in London with a friend and the Duchess of Cornwall rode past in a car just outside the gates of Buckingham Palace.  And not one mention of what she was wearing, nor any description of a feathered hat or shiny brooch.  I will just have to use my imagination while giving the floors the wash they need so desperately and then there is the weeds to see to.  This exercise in procrastination has come to an end.  Happy Friday!


  1. Deciding between supporting an independent and saving a few dollars is a difficult one. On one hand I do not want the local booksellers to close, but the more I save the more books I can purchase for my own personal library. It does leave me feeling guilty sometimes. I am enjoying your posts. Have a great weekend. Bonnie

  2. I had no idea Nicholas Hoare in Ottawa was closing! It has always been one of my favourite bookstores and no stay in Ottawa was ever complete without a visit. Since I always used to fly home from university through Ottawa, I had plenty of chances to visit and I accumulated a large number of books there over the years. How sad to hear it will no longer be there on my next trip.

  3. I hope you are loving The Go Between Darlene!! I found a tatty first edition hardback of The Hireling in an Oxfam books on Saturday but didn't end up getting it because I had no change...wish I had have gone to the cash machine now as we could have swapped notes!!

  4. Nice to see an update on the Heiress - she must be nearly at the end of her course!