Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday at Springridge Farm

After a very busy Spring, Summer and Fall, Springridge Farm closes for the Winter season as of Christmas Eve.  I wish it didn't though as it's the perfect destination if you need a change of scenery but don't have a whole day for frivolity as it's only a ten minute car journey away.  Once the groceries were all put away, The Heiress, my husband and I piled into the car and drove along one of the country roads out to the farm.  Lazy snowflakes fell in the morning but for the most part it was simply a plain old crisp day with grey skies.  Pulling into the driveway though was like entering a Winter wonderland with evergreen boughs decorating the rail fence and an open fire filled the air with woodsmoke.  Stepping into the warm shop we were welcomed with the delicious aromas of Christmas spice and baking.
The gift shop is one of the nicest places to do some Christmas shopping.  Forget circling mall parking lots looking for a spot you hope nobody else will beat you to and grouchy customers lumbering under the weight of winter coats and too many bags.  There are all sorts of gorgeous things to buy for the home, a best friend, to surprise your hostess with or best of all, to eat.  We chose some homemade fruitcake baked by a local resident, granola and I can't wait to try a bottle of the Mulled Winter Punch from Belvoir that we spied.  To add wine or not...hmmm, some experimentation is called for I think.

Poor Morris.  His head has been mounted at the farm for as long as I can remember.  When The Heiress was small she, along with the rest of the children from near and far, begged to be grasped under her arms and raised high enough to pat the once fuzzy muzzle.  It's rather smooth now thanks to all the stroking.

After a delicious soup and sandwich lunch, and a bag of three cinnamon swirls for later, we weaved our way past the displays and groups of children admiring some toys.  Just as we reached the door we noticed Santa was visiting and we tried our best to stifle belly laughs as a poor little boy sidestepped away from the man in red.  The look of terror and bewilderment on his face...well, you have to be a grown-up to see the humour don't you.  Anyway, it was a lovely outing and if we're lucky we can squeeze it all in again once more before Springridge closes for the season.

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