Sunday, April 26, 2009

Golf Getaway

R and seven of his friends have flown to Myrtle Beach for a golf holiday. This is the third time they've done this but the first time that they've flown. This brings me to packing and luggage allowance. Apparently, R was taking a diversion to Fashion Week in Paris judging by the amount of apparel set out on the bed in the spare room. It was very hard not to laugh while he explained why each and every piece was required and I'll just throw in that his condo does have laundry facilities. At some point last week I mentioned that he should check the airline website for luggage allowance as he was taking his clubs and they're quite hefty themselves. This bit of information didn't rate very high on R's list of priorities at the time. The lovely Mrs W gave R the advice of folding his clothes in tissue paper to eliminate wrinkling and he did this with such care as he packed his large suitcase. I watched in amazement for awhile and then left him to it. Fast forward to 9 pm and I go upstairs to find R precariously balancing on our bathroom scale with his suitcase in hand. I said nothing and got into bed to watch a bit of television. R walks out of the bathroom with the scale in his hand and I hear the garage door shut, yup, he was weighing his golf glubs. R comes upstairs and whips open his luggage exclaiming that he's over his weight limit as he's just checked the airline website, shocking! His clothes are all wrapped in white tissue paper rendering everything anonymous until it's unwrapped, you can imagine the anxiety level now. I got to listen to the new reasoning on why he really didn't need all of those shirts and how he could live with fewer shorts and less pants. In the end, the guys have arrived safely and I'm sure are having the best of times. We'll say no more about it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I had a rough night! Let's go back to yesterday shall we. R was going to drive an hour to Kitchener with a package of forms for The Heiress to sign for her summer job as a senior camp leader. As luck would have it The Heiress has a friend at the neighbouring university that was coming out this way and wondered if she would like to drop in at home for an overnight visit. At 2:50 am, Deacon starts a low growl emerging into a full bark when he heard someone coming in through the garage door. Apparently, The Heiress and the above-mentioned friend had other friends to visit as exams are winding down and kids are coming home. I debated staying warm and cozy in my bed but once the fog cleared and Deacon needed to relieve himself I made the move to find my slippers. After a short chat with The Heiress, with the promise of many more stories in the morning I got back into bed - wide awake. There's always news on the television and that was a mistake, after being assured that the world is going to hell in a handbasket I switched it off. Then I heard the newspaper being delivered to everyone with a 'whomp' as it landed on doorsteps up and down our street. I guess he woke up the birds as then the robins started singing, do they usually start at 4 am! R's alarm went off at 5 am and then I heard him leave the house at 6. It's garbage day in our neighbourhood so at 6:42 am the seagulls started screeching, claiming their rights to any goodies they could find discarded at the end of driveways. The whimpering has started as Deacon likes to be in the park by 8 am so there's no going back to bed for me. I'm on duty at the library this afternoon....(insert crazed laughter here).

Friday, April 17, 2009

Planning London

There are so many wonderful places to visit in London that it's hard to stop planning! Sometimes the best afternoons come from having no plans at all. So here are a few places that I plan to visit: The Imperial War Museum - there's an exhibit about war through the eyes of children. The British Library - there are documents and letters with historical value that I can't wait to see. Seeing a play at the Criterion Theatre in Picadilly Circus - 39 Steps Jane Austen's House in Chawton and hopefully, Winchester Cathedral Geffrye Museum - there are rooms decorated to period from 1600 to present day. Visit I Knit - a knitting shop! I plan on taking some knitting and attending one of their drop-in knitting nights, too fun. Apsley House - the London house of the Dukes of Wellington Victoria & Albert Museum - Kristina went to an exhibit on hats that sounded fabulous. London Walks - you meet up with a tour guide at a selected tube stop and off you go to hear fantastic stories about the history around you. These are a great way to pass the evening as each walk is a couple of hours and you usually end up at a pub just in case you like that sort of thing. Persephone Books - you didn't think I'd go home empty-handed did you? Exploring the neighbourhood of Marylebone - just because I don't have a picture in my head of what it's like there. Marks and Spencers yogurt - Lakemead Ginger and Heather Honey, does this count as an event? I'd like to spend some time just relaxing and enjoying a picnic in the park as well. It's fun to watch people play cricket in Green Park as opposed to baseball here at home. I asked The Heiress what she would like me to bring home for her, she said "A boy". I think Customs and Immigration frown on that sort of thing, a purse may just have to do.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stop the Press!

Look what I just found at the side of the yard! Deacon was no where to be seen for awhile and when I went to investigate I found these poor babies. Deacon has disturbed the nest and the babies were scattered around so I gathered them up and they're nestled in a tea towel inside a popcorn bowl. When baby bunnies have a white spot on top of their head that's an indication that they still need their mother, once it disappears you can leave them on their own. When they've warmed up I'm going to put them back and make sure Deacon is tied up when out back for at least a week and we'll see how things go. The Heiress has taken babies out of nests and cuddled them and put them back before and Mum always continues to care for them so no worries there. I'll have to make sure that Farmer McGregor next door doesn't get a hint of this!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I've booked my flight to London for this May! I probably won't be riding in a black cab and I know that I'm not staying at the Ritz, although I did stay across the street once. But the happiest lady in London will be ME in my single room, hopefully overlooking the garden and not the road, at a B&B in Bloomsbury. The kitchen table will now become 'planning central' with brochures, books and computer print-outs scattered around. Happiness as well is getting to meet up with K from jolly hockey sticks! We'll definitely be stopping by Persephone Books, I think I'm looking forward to that most of all. Marks & Spencers, Fortnum and Mason and museums oh my!