Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Party

We have a circle of friends that will use any excuse to get together. Remember the great BBQ Steak-Off? Every October there's a pumpkin carving party and I'm not sure who has the most fun, the kids or the adults. There's nothing like scooping out the flesh of a pumpkin with your bare hands in cool weather to make that cup of tea taste all the more welcome. Or in R's case, clutching a pint of Guinness. It will be interesting to see how many kids turn up this year as some are away at school and some have part-time jobs. I know one young man who won't miss the chance to spend time with his 'Uncle R'. Who else would buy the wildly adventurous Master K a slingshot upon successfully completing his last school year, much to his parent's chagrin? Actually, as the hosts of this seasons festive gathering, I'm surprised they're letting us come over. Their aluminum shed now looks like its borne the brunt of a major hail storm as the result of Master K's slingshot practice. I digress. I'll be putting on my pinny tomorrow morning to bake some pumpkin cupcakes. I've purchased festive liners and icing sugar pumpkin faces to adorn the cream cheese icing. If things go to plan then I'll share a photo of the result. Do you have any autumnal rituals?


  1. Oh, that sounds like fun! I hope there will be pictures of the carved pumpkins...

  2. I love that picture! I'm planning to make some pumpkin soup this year.

  3. Oh I can't wait to see the cupcakes...and definitely want to see pictures from the party too! Proper email tomorrow, I promise :) K x

  4. Sounds yummy! I had a pumpkin/pecan muffin at work on Friday--it was a nice splurge! Almost every year we buy pumpkins for my niece to carve, but um, the adults tend to get in on the act, too. I've not bought any this year as she told us she wasn't going trick or treating, but you never know...may pick up a pumpkin before the weekend! Pumpkin is my favorite, so I'm already looking forward to a slice of pumpkin pie!

  5. JoAnn, Absolutely!

    verity, Oh, I've never tried pumpkin soup before. Squash soup is a favourite of mine so I'm sure that I would like it.

    Kristina, Crossing my fingers the cupcakes turn out! Stay tuned...

    Danielle, Don't you love some of the exquisite carving that goes on these days? We've already gone through two pumpkin pies at our house!

  6. Oh Darlene! That sounds so delightful. I wish we made more of pumpkins in the UK; they're not really a tradition here at all. I carved one once but it was hard work and then no one else on our street had one out anyway so I felt like all my work had gone unappreciated. :(

    Seeing pumpkins reminds me of my trip to New England a couple of years ago, where people had pumpkins for sale for a $1 outside their doors with an honesty box for payment. Every time I see pumpkins now I am reminded of that beautiful New England fall I experienced and the wonderful time I had.