Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Heiress is back and other things

This morning I had the luxury of finishing The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford while reclining in bed with a pot of tea on a tray.  The photo featured to the left fits my image of Linda's room in Paris, rotary phone and all, but more about that another day.

The Heiress came home from school Thursday night, dropped off her bags and sat for a bit to chat.  I noticed that her shoes stayed on.  After the appropriate amount of time had passed she asked if she could borrow the van.  There are three groups of friends to see when The Heiress is home: camp friends, childhood friends and a certain group of young men that love nothing more than to plot mischievous things to do.  One evening, they took a bucket of golf balls to the top of a very steep road and dumped them just to see what would happen.  Another time there was a bowling ball dropped from the roof of a two storey building...just to see what would happen (it broke).  Needless to say,  I worry when she steps out with these young men. 

Last night after dinner, The Heiress went out for tea with a camp friend and came back at 10 pm.  She came in to the family room and said 'Hello', she still had her shoes on.  She left the room for a minute and I said to R 'I bet she asks for the car keys'.  The Heiress came back into the room and asked for the car keys.  My most fervent hope is that she was out with school friends and not conducting any more experiments in physics.  Perhaps I'll go the 'ignorance is bliss' route.

And to the lovely Miss M, who still had an exam to write when The Heiress left for home, I hope things went well!  Recently, The Heiress presented me with a Keep Calm and Carry On mug not knowing that I already had one.  Miss M admonished her saying 'Well, if you read your mother's blog then you would have known that.'  Bless.


  1. I love that picture - how easy to imagine Linda there!

    As for The Heiress...does it give you hope if I tell you they usually grow out of that phase? My brother used to act much the same (though he would skip the chat part and take his shoes off - an interesting trade off for my parents) but he's matured a lot very quickly and is now quite delightful. I, of course, have always been delightful, so did not experience this metamorphosis.

  2. I'm still laughing at the image of the bowling ball dropping. We did things like that in college, too (seeing what the little door in the dorm elevator shaft led to - sadly, only empty and very dirty crawl space). It must be lovely to have the Heiress home. I hope you all have a wonderful time.

  3. Cherish the Heiress, shoes on or off, home or away...maybe she'll invite some friends to pop in for tea at home and you can see what they are all about...that was my routine...put on copious amounts of food...invite the crowd, sit back and snoopervise from the might surprise you!
    As far as Nancy Mitford, she has a great way with words...and tea in bed, how decadent is that? What will you be reading next?
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Just finished Pursuit of Love on the train! So brilliant. And too funny about both the bowling ball and the duplicate mug! K x

  5. Hehe - that's a hilarious tale re the mug! Enjoy mum and daughter time x

  6. Captive Reader, You're too funny...and delightful!

    makedoandread, Oh so you were (are?) one of those type as well! An adventurous spirit is a wonderful thing and makes for great stories later.

    hostess of the humble bungalow, They have a way of becoming your extended family don't they, it's lovely. I'll be browsing my bookshelf today for my next pick...a Persephone I think!

    Kristina, One can only imagine what it must have been like in the Hons cupboard! Such an eccentric and delightful family.

    verity, She's taken the van and gone off for the weekend with some friends. It was nice while it lasted LOL!

  7. I think the Heiress is going to have a few stories to tell her children! :) They should have had someone wait at the bottom of the hill, number the golf balls and see who won...Glad she is home--will she be there for the summer now? And lovely photo--I've read The Pursuit of Love, but not Love in a Cold Climate--hope you write about them!

  8. Oh goodness, I think my mum would probably say the same thing about me - she doesn't understand how I can come home from work and go straight out again! I treat the house 'like a hotel', apparently!
    Can't wait for your thoughts on the Mitford!

  9. Danielle, She is home for the summer but working full-time, socializing part-time. We should see her every now and then lol!

    booksnob, R and I were the same so we don't say anything. That doesn't stop us from teasing her about it though! The day she cooks dinner for us, washes up afterwards and wants to sit down for a chat will have me reaching for the smelling salts!

  10. Does she have any suiters to bring thease children. ? At least they will know about physics