Monday, April 19, 2010

Knitting a Shrug

A shrug is the perfect garment for keeping you warm on cool summer evenings or in air-conditioned offices. I first spied this pattern on Kate's list of projects on her Ravelry page. We here in blogland know her as makedoandread but she's also a talented knitter.

The pattern is by Laura Chau. Based on her clever design and clear instructions, I will definitely be looking out for more projects by her. Knit all in one piece, this is an ideal project for travelling and it gave me an opportunity to use my new addi Click interchangeable needles! The wool is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and with a touch of cashmere, very soft.
It was off the needles Friday evening so I wore it to work on Saturday. Prompting only one comment from a library customer asking how I had managed to shrink my sweater. I kindly suggested that he ask his wife to explain 'the shrug' once he got home. He seemed perplexed that she would know anything about it...some men! I digress.


  1. OMG that is amazing! You are so talented. It's a pretty colour too. Wow!

  2. Oh Darlene. You spend hours making a beautiful shrug and all you get is that comment! I think it's gorgeous - such a lovely colour and as always beautifully knitted by your talented self! I wish I could knit!

  3. Love the shrug and Debbie Bliss yarn is heaven to work with and divine to wear...I might knit something for myself after the baby knits are first grandchild is due early in June!

  4. Aw, thank you very much! Your shrug is absolutely stunning! I love the rose color you chose and can only imagine how lovely it feels with a bit of cashmere woven in.

  5. Gorgeous! What do men know? And I love the idea of knitting it all in one piece. K x

  6. Love the colour. Typical bloke - doesn't understand style!

  7. I love is so beautiful and classy (like your answer to that silly patron person).

  8. verity, Thanks so much! I just love the colour too!

    booksnob, Says she who has a quilt featured in a publication from the V&A! Thank you, Rachel.

    skirmishofwit, The colour matches the roses on my Cath Kidston bag so the decision was made for me!

    hostess of the humble bungalow, Congratulations! That is exciting news...something tells me you'll be knitting gorgeous little things for quite awhile!

    makedoandread, Thanks again for the inspiration! I'm looking forward to another project to knit on the Clicks...just LOVE 'em!

    Hannah, Thanks so much!

    Kristina, LOL...nothing when it comes to shrugs! R could not figure out how to put it on...he thought it was a pullover.

    Vintage Reading, Struth! Thanks so much.

    Book Psmith, Thankfully he's been a customer for 20 years so I can say things like that to him and he wouldn't be offended. Keep on knitting and you could make one for yourself!

  9. Love your shrug Darlene - they have become an indispensible in my wardrobe ... your choice of wool looks so soft ... and the colour is fab.


  10. Cottage Garden, This is my first and I was really happy with the way it keeps you warm without feeling bulky. I will definitely make another!

  11. Your library customer obviously never reads Vogue! :) Lovely sweater--very stylish!