Monday, May 9, 2011

A Play on Mother's Day

When we ordered tickets for Billy Elliot way back when it didn't even occur to us that the performance date fell on Mother's Day, R and I just wanted the weather to be nice.  So digging out the tickets and the calendar last month it just made sense that The Heiress would step into the role and take R's place as my companion for the day.

The performance was fantastic and the kids were outstanding.  Not only could they act, dance and sing but their ability to mimic a northern England working-class accent was pretty admirable.  My favourite scene was most definitely when Billy (Marcus Pei) stops by Michael's (Jack Broderick) house and catches him trying on his mother's dresses.  The two of them end up decked out in wildly patterned polyester separates while dancing and singing and it was hilarious!

Billy Elliot is playing at the Canon Theatre in Toronto.  It dates from 1920 and featured vaudeville but when large cinemas became popular it was restructured in the seventies.  I can't even imagine such a wonderful place cut up and decorated in garish colours.  Thankfully it has been restored to its former glory, and does that feeling of splendor ever get old when you walk through a doorway to see chandeliers and sweeping staircases?  I think not.

The Heiress and I had a fabulous day and even though my favourite Mother's Day celebrations included hand-made cards and construction paper flowers, this one rates as one of the best.


  1. What a lovely outing - I didn't know that the tour had made it to Canada. Mum and I saw it in 2005; wonderrful, such catchy singing too. I hope the heiress still made you a card though :)

  2. Brilliant - I'm glad the accents were good! I saw Mary Poppins in New York and the accents did ruin it for me a bit. What a perfect mother's day outing - and wasn't R lovely to give up his place!

  3. I loved Mary Poppins but saw it in London with the wonderful David Haig (not playing MP obviously!)

  4. Sounds super. And an extra-special treat in such a fab theater! K x

  5. This is on our list of shows to see soon. So glad to hear you enjoyed it!

    Rachel - We saw Marry Poppins in NYC last spring and loved it, but my ear is much less discerning when it comes to accents...