Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to the Bakery

Oh what this girl won't do to recreate a little bit of London back at home in Burlington.  Yesterday afternoon I whipped up a batch of carrot cake cupcakes using the recipe from the Primrose Bakery.  Mine don't have a little marzipan carrot on top and I may not be sitting on the bench outside the shop in Covent Garden...but they're delicious!


  1. Oh, Darlene, I was there the other day - a bit chilly to sit outside, so some nice people squashed up and made room for me. So hard to choose and I dithered and chose an Earl Grey cupcake ... not the best, I should have stuck to my favourites, that's rose or lime. Whew ... big decisions!
    Such a nice place to sit though, reading all their glossy mags! I walked past last night and didn't have time to go in, so hard to drag yourself past the door when it looks so tempting.
    PS Yours look pretty good ... what have you sprinkled with?

  2. mary, Cinnimon! Oh I do like the sound of a lime cupcake. My order for their cupcake book should arrive tomorrow, fingers crossed it includes that one.

    Wonder what the longest wait time has been between arriving at the counter and placing an order? There's a question for the staff.

  3. Highly recommended and very lime-y. They also had a very tempting-looking chocolate cornflake concoction the other day ... can't remember what it was called ... it looked delicious, and I'm not even a great chocolate cake fan.
    The staff are infinitely patient!

  4. You're a genius with icing, I see! Icing is far from my forte.

    And I love limes everywhere and anywhere - lime and chocolate sponge is wonderful.