Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Husband Returns, Part II

This has been a bit like my birthday and Christmas have all come at once, I was that incredibly spoiled when it came to my husband bringing a bit of London back home to me.  Okay, so I did jot down a few things for inspiration but he came up trumps.  This Women's War Replica Pack is chock full of cards, letters, documents and pamphlets from WWII.  All I need is a smart uniform and I'm reporting for duty!  Here is something to try from the recipe book...

  Chocolate Crisplets

Melt some chocolate spread (unrationed) in a saucepan: throw in enough cereal to make a stiff mixture.  Form into little cakes to cool and harden.

If anyone is interested in liver or bile problems just let me know, there are pills for that!

Some things for the kitchen, both useful and yummy.  I bought the whole nut chocolate bar from Waitrose last September and it was so delicious!  The next time we're off to the cinema for a show one of these bars is most definitely being tucked into my bag.  The funnel-shaped measuring cup is courtesy The Heiress, it's the handiest tool as it lists measurements for my English and North American recipes on the inside.  A fridge magnet, some blackcurrant jam and a Queen Elizabeth Jubilee mug (thanks for the post on yours, Simon!) lucky am I?

Playbills, newspapers, the latest Hatchards catalogue and three books will keep me in reading material for days and days.  I jotted down a few out-of-print titles by EM Delafield for any browsing that was done on Charing Cross Road but no joy there.  But I am so excited to read Call the Midwife and hope the series shows up on one of our television stations here soon!

And last but not least I am ready for Spring with these lovely fresh prints from Cath Kidston.  Oh the joy of emptying out an old wallet and sorting out a new one!  This mecca of vintage print hasn't reached Canada yet so it is a rare thing to spy these products over here and don't think I haven't felt the burn of a lady's glance every now and then.  There was one day when a woman in Stratford asked if she could have a closer look stroke my bag...of course I obliged.  A plain white blouse or a coordinating cardigan will make the perfect backdrop for my new accessories.  Look out ladies!


  1. What a nice collection of goodies you have there, Darlene! I have not heard of Cath Kidston before but I can see why you adore the fabric. It reminds me a bit of Persephone endpapers or those pretty fabric-covered Viragos.

    I too love transferring to new wallets and purses. Why is that so satisfying, anyway?


  2. What treats! I'm particularly jealous of your lovely new wallet. And remembering how beautifully you coordinated your outfit with your Cath Kidston bag when we met in London, I'm sure you'll do these new items the same justice (creating many envious on-lookers in our Cath-Kidston-less country!).

  3. You've obviously been a very good influence on R. And those lists help. Love the photos and it sounds like both he and the heiress had a great time. Don't think I could ride on the London Eye, though. Even the photo gives me vertigo! Enjoy your goodies! :) Next time do you both get to go?

  4. Oh my - I am green with envy over your collection of British Bits and Bobs. Well done - obviously your "jottings for inspiration" were a great guide. Well done to your husband and well done you

  5. Laura, Ooh, get yourself over to the website!

    New wallets and linen closets are a little bit of heaven to natural born organizers so something tells me you're one. I see messy wallets all the time at the checkout desk of my library and have to resist the urge to snatch them and sort things out!

    Claire, Well the next time you hear of a friend or loved-one heading over to England be sure to place an order! Of course, a shop or two up here in the great white north would be wonderful and I'm sure they would do well.

    Danielle, Eek...I know! My husband gets nervous if he's up any higher than the fifth rung on a ladder and he didn't have any worries so perhaps you would be alright.

    My husband and I took a trip over together in between dogs. We don't like to board them so it's separate vacations for us I'm afraid. But believe me there are days when I could stand on a street corner and offer up Deacon to a stranger for free! Such a monkey...

  6. Ooo, what a wonderful, wise husband you have. Definitely a keeper.

  7. Susan, You're so right...and believe it or not there was no arm-twisting here, he quite likes to shop. Cath Kidston and all!

  8. Well done hubby! A successful trip I say. Great goodies.

    You will love call the midwife, I am sure the BBC will export the tv programme out there, be fools not to. Do read her oter books as well after this one.

    Shows you what I know about Cath Kidston - would have though Canada had that before us.

  9. Loved how the fabrics complement your blog design. What an eye for style someone has!!

    Tempted myself to forward your post onto him indoors as an inspiration.