Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Wishes Across the Miles

I sent R across the miles with a notebook tucked in his luggage.  The message on the cover was perfect for a loved one so far from home on Valentine's Day.

Inside I copied out some recipes that will remind The Heiress of pancake breakfasts, snacks when she was little and afternoons spent baking while snowflakes filled the view from our kitchen windows.

Today will also be a day my husband will never forget, one he has anticipated for months.  It has nothing to do with flowers, sparkling wine or decadent chocolates, it's a tour of Fuller's Brewery, and he is beyond excited.  I couldn't be more pleased for him but it's his visit to this place just down the road that I'll be anxious to hear about.


  1. Oh that is the best idea! Hope R had a fab time at the brewery.

    K x

  2. What a lovely, thoughtful gift! I gave my mother the Downton Abbey Season Two DVD for Valentine's Day, which was very well received! The menfolk just got chocolates (no brewery tours for them!).

  3. What a lovely gift for both daughter and husband,

    I bet he raves about that brewery for many moons to come. Fulers London Pride is a very popular drink where I work!

  4. That really is just down the road and I'm ashamed to I've only been once - to the house - and never to the brewery. Hogarth is buried in nearby churchyard but prob too late to tell you that if R didn't know already.

  5. The brewery tour was a hit! R may want to have a word with his employers once he gets back to work. Apparently the employees at Fuller's are allowed quite the allotment of pints each and every day. One man told R he can't afford to stay home, it costs him too much in beer!

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