Monday, June 14, 2010

the secret lives of Princesses

Children's literature is quite delightful but the secret lives of Princesses by Philippe Lechermeier and illustrated by Rebecca Dautremer is divine.  The 'cover girl' is Princess Hot-Head who chooses horse races over needlepoint, spits on the ground and likes to arm-wrestle.

Naturally my favourite princess in the book is Princess Paige.  'As soon as the ball is over or once the meal is done, Princess Paige scampers away and climbs the thousand steps which lead to her library.'

Even though she wouldn't appreciate it I find Princess Primandproper a spooky house kind of way.  She 'Doesn't laugh anymore because the last time she did, her bun came undone, she tripped, and her skirt flew up over her head.'  There was a marriage late in life to the Baron of Broken Hearts...see, there is someone for everyone!

I could never be a Princess Somnia.  She 'Comes from a royal family of do-nothings.  Laziness is their policy, and the sloth is their emblem.'  It is also noted that she is related to Sleeping Beauty.

This sumptuous book is for savouring slowly, to pour over each detail of the writing and gorgeous illustrations and for making you smile.  Do look for it and enjoy!


  1. Wow...the illustrations...they really captured my interest. This is a new to me author and illustrator and I will be looking them up.

  2. What beautiful illustrations. What age do you think this book is aimed at? is it too old/young for my 7 year old cousin?

  3. Book Psmith, You're going to like this one!

    verity, A mature seven year old...definitely and it's not too young for anyone. Even me!

    Paperback Reader, This one must have been a work in progress for ages, it's so rich in detail.

  4. Sounds a great book - one to be put on my niece's TBR pile. What would your princess name be?

  5. Gorgeous illustrations! I wish I had a niece to give this to - alas my nephews aren't interested unless there are cars, animals or destruction involved.

    I like Princess Hothead's headdress...

  6. Joan, Probably Princess Rushing Here and There as I try to squeeze everything into my day and always run out of time!

    booksnob, You would look stunning in that headwear and I bet people would make way for you on the Tube!

  7. What a great blog! I've just discovered it and have been enjoying reading past posts. I, too, love Dorothy Whipple and cosy books and your 2009 list contains many books I've read or am reading. I'm also a member of ravelry!

    I've added you to my blogroll and will be visiting often!

  8. Fabulous illustrations and great post! I loved Lauren Childs illustrations for The Princess and the Pea, too.

  9. That's beautiful! I'm totally addicted to children's books, most especially because of the art. Also, I can't get over how beautiful your peonies look.