Friday, January 21, 2011

A Small Diversion from Housework

I've been meaning to post the progress made on my Tangled Yoke cardigan.  The '18 rows of hell' that is the cabling on the yoke coupled with Christmas had me tucking it away for a month but I am back on track.  Holding my breath as I follow the chart of a myriad of cable symbols, I can barely stand to look once near the end of a row.  One stitch too many or too few means ripping back the whole row.  When it works out there is a huge sigh of relief.  Two rows of this is all I can stand in one sitting so it is slow going.  When I want to relax with some knitting I work on these socks....

This divinely squishy wool was bought at Purl Soho in New York, one day I hope to get there myself.  It was a gift for looking after my neighbour's cats while they were visiting the Big Apple.  My request was to please find some sock wool in a lovely shade, nothing vulgar, which made Suzanne both laugh and panic.  What is vulgar to one person may not be so to another.  Appropriately named 'Squishy', this kettle-dyed Unzula product is truly the softest I have ever knit with.  This simple rib and cable pattern is going to let the wool do all of the talking and I can't wait to wear them.  Now I had better get back to my Cinderella duties...

Edit: substituted previous photo of cardigan, the colour just wasn't right.


  1. Darlene you are so talented! Purl Soho does beautiful wool...shame it's so expensive! I can't even TELL you how much the wool for my baby blanket cost me...I still can't believe I spent so much!!!!

    Saying that if you ever want some sent to you, you know who to call!

  2. ...and handcrafts are supposed to be calming and relaxing! :) The cardigan is stunning, so I think it will all be worthwhile.

  3. I LOVE your knitting - you are so clever. I Was just admiring the socks that you knitted me last year earlier today so fun to see you knitting more!

  4. Those are my favorite socks! My first pair have sprung a leak so I am about to cast on a replacement pair to get me by until I hone my darning skills. And such a lovely color. You are a very talented knitter!

  5. You sound like Vicki now! She sits there knitting away and suddenly there are some choice words and there she is pulling a nights work to pieces! I tell her that whatever she is making needs to be framed and not worn as the effort that goes in to is makes it priceless.

  6. That yoke pattern looks scary, particularly coming after all that gentle stocking stitch.

    (Going off at a tangent slightly, that reminds me that I have always meant to ask - does Canada use English or US knitting terminology?)

    Do hang on in there, because the pattern is lovely, as is your choice of yarn.

  7. bookssnob, The cost can make your eyes water! I just love it when I find out someone has bought a charity shop sweater to unravel and make something new. Austerity at its best.

    Your blanket will be cuddled with for years to come so a very good investment I would say.

    Audrey, It is amazing how you can feel your blood pressure drop as you knit away!

    verity, They make such a perfect little project. Are you going to frame those socks, my friend, or wear them!

    Heather, Hooray! Glad to hear that you like them so much, they look like they would be a great fit. Sorry you've had a pair spring a leak though!

    Rob, And you sound like my husband! He will ask me 'And you find that fun?' once I start cursing and ripping back. There is a certain element of stubborn going on there...this pattern will NOT get the best of me!

    fleurfisher, Our needle sizes are English not American so I suppose that goes for the rest of it. That's a good question!

    These 18 rows are without a doubt the most tedious ever but thanks for your encouragement, I will get through this!