Monday, October 31, 2011

A Pumpkin Carving Party

The number of trick or treaters in our group is dwindling but we cling to our tradition of an annual pumpkin carving party.  Aidan was the very picture of concentration.
His sister, Danielle, took a more relaxed approach but she has a few more years of experience behind her.
Anna is at the stage where getting your hands dirty doesn't seem like all that much fun.  Her brother, Luke, is at the stage where being entrusted with a sharp knife is just the coolest thing ever and was thrilled to simply jab at anything.
A bracing walk in the woods behind our hosts' home was just the thing to work up an appetite for dinner.  And the boys were beyond excited to find the skeleton of a fox still bearing its bushy tail...ugh.     
Getting back to the house, the kitchen was a hive of activity whilst everyone sorted out their plates of food, kids going one way while adults went the other.  I love days like this with my friends...and the pumpkin spice cupcakes I baked were a hit as well! 

 Happy Halloween!


  1. Love the sound of pumpkin spice cupcakes! We don't celebrate halloween but I did make some pumpkin soup this weekend.

  2. Such fun! I'm feeling a little lonesome this Halloween - the girls all graduated and the friends we traditionally celebrate with have moved to Florida. I guess it's time for new traditions...

  3. The cupcakes look lovely. I am with verity been eating Pumpkin soup for the last few weeks and loving it.

  4. I'm lucky enough to have 3 grandsons to trick or treat with. I'm always welcome, because with one parental unit having to stay home and shell out, the ratio of 3:1 on dark streets is a bit daunting for the other parent.

  5. Sounds like the most perfect day (well except for the fox). And those cupcakes look scrumptious! Are they from the Primrose book too? K x

  6. Verity, I've never had pumpkin soup but if it's anything like squash soup then it must be delicious.

    JoAnn, Celebrating the harvest season with friends could be fun! Soup, crusty rolls and corn on the bbq...all eaten outside in the cool air. Ooh, and hot apple cider. How's that?

    Jo, Well this is a soup I will just have to find or make myself!

    Susan, Hahaha...definitely! And with kids in costume running all over the place it can be pretty tough keeping track.

    kristina, This recipe is from a colleague and is delicious! I've just dug out my Primrose recipe book and they use a lot less pumpkin and the cream cheese frosting is spiced as well. I think they would go over every bit as well!

  7. We don't celebrate Halloween, but the pumpkin spice cupcakes sound lovely and the pumpkin carving sounds fun!