Sunday, April 26, 2009

Golf Getaway

R and seven of his friends have flown to Myrtle Beach for a golf holiday. This is the third time they've done this but the first time that they've flown. This brings me to packing and luggage allowance. Apparently, R was taking a diversion to Fashion Week in Paris judging by the amount of apparel set out on the bed in the spare room. It was very hard not to laugh while he explained why each and every piece was required and I'll just throw in that his condo does have laundry facilities. At some point last week I mentioned that he should check the airline website for luggage allowance as he was taking his clubs and they're quite hefty themselves. This bit of information didn't rate very high on R's list of priorities at the time. The lovely Mrs W gave R the advice of folding his clothes in tissue paper to eliminate wrinkling and he did this with such care as he packed his large suitcase. I watched in amazement for awhile and then left him to it. Fast forward to 9 pm and I go upstairs to find R precariously balancing on our bathroom scale with his suitcase in hand. I said nothing and got into bed to watch a bit of television. R walks out of the bathroom with the scale in his hand and I hear the garage door shut, yup, he was weighing his golf glubs. R comes upstairs and whips open his luggage exclaiming that he's over his weight limit as he's just checked the airline website, shocking! His clothes are all wrapped in white tissue paper rendering everything anonymous until it's unwrapped, you can imagine the anxiety level now. I got to listen to the new reasoning on why he really didn't need all of those shirts and how he could live with fewer shorts and less pants. In the end, the guys have arrived safely and I'm sure are having the best of times. We'll say no more about it.


  1. Sure R is looking just as dapper as these guys!

    And I can completely relate to the balancing on scales with large bags (although I've never had to deal with golf clubs)...

    K x

  2. Kristina, I remember your story about weighing your luggage at your Mum's. Too funny!

  3. I'm just impressed that your husband cares enough about what clothes he brings to pack himself!!