Thursday, April 23, 2009


I had a rough night! Let's go back to yesterday shall we. R was going to drive an hour to Kitchener with a package of forms for The Heiress to sign for her summer job as a senior camp leader. As luck would have it The Heiress has a friend at the neighbouring university that was coming out this way and wondered if she would like to drop in at home for an overnight visit. At 2:50 am, Deacon starts a low growl emerging into a full bark when he heard someone coming in through the garage door. Apparently, The Heiress and the above-mentioned friend had other friends to visit as exams are winding down and kids are coming home. I debated staying warm and cozy in my bed but once the fog cleared and Deacon needed to relieve himself I made the move to find my slippers. After a short chat with The Heiress, with the promise of many more stories in the morning I got back into bed - wide awake. There's always news on the television and that was a mistake, after being assured that the world is going to hell in a handbasket I switched it off. Then I heard the newspaper being delivered to everyone with a 'whomp' as it landed on doorsteps up and down our street. I guess he woke up the birds as then the robins started singing, do they usually start at 4 am! R's alarm went off at 5 am and then I heard him leave the house at 6. It's garbage day in our neighbourhood so at 6:42 am the seagulls started screeching, claiming their rights to any goodies they could find discarded at the end of driveways. The whimpering has started as Deacon likes to be in the park by 8 am so there's no going back to bed for me. I'm on duty at the library this afternoon....(insert crazed laughter here).


  1. LOL...I've had nights like that, too. Bet you sleep well tonight!

  2. Animals have no sense of when it's appropriate to be noisy!! Or to be let outside. They seriously don't understand human time. I made the mistake of feeding my cats before work (which is about 6:00 am). That's fine M-F, but I have weekends off. The cats don't and never fail to remind me of it! LOL.