Thursday, June 4, 2009

Favourite Things

This is a sampler that hangs in my hallway. It features some of my favourite things, like teapots and ...
and bunnies and ...
bee skeps. If I ever find a sampler that features books and chocolate then I may just have to make that one too! What would your sampler have on it?


  1. Did you make this sampler? It is so lovely. My sampler would definitely have books and a bowl of ice cream, tulips and, although I love almost all dog breeds, Golden Retrievers are my favorites, so a golden. It would also have to include Christmas scenes. That would make a crazy looking sampler:)

  2. What a beautiful sampler! Did you make it? I love samplers, and have cross stitched quite a few.
    I'd have books, a lake/beach, dogs, flowers, and family on mine... and Book Psmith's bowl of ice cream would be a welcome addition, too!

  3. Book Psmith & JoAnn, I stitched this sampler a few years ago, it is pretty cute if I do say so myself. I love the idea of a sampler with all of the things that you've mentioned, especially the ice cream!

  4. I do have a chart that is book oriented (though doesn't mention chocolate, I'm afraid). I have shared it before, but I will have to get it out and show it again (must stitch it as well)--as I am sure you would appreciate it!

  5. And yes, that is a beautiful sampler!! :)