Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day at the Museum

There was more rain in the forecast for Saturday so The Heiress and I decided that a day at the Museum was the perfect way to make the best of things. We loved the European galleries with their examples of rooms through different eras, suits of armour, textiles and costumes. The Heiress is thankful we longer wear corsets and the chamber pots beside the beds brought a frown as well.
The exhibit featuring gems and minerals was so beautiful! It's mystical the way nature can produce such colour and formations in so many different shapes and sizes. The phosphorus minerals were so cool for lack of a better word, showcased in a darkened display case they glowed florescent bright green. Imagine stumbling upon that hundreds of years ago!
This emerald bracelet is from the 1940's and all I can say is "Fabulous Dahling!".
The Biodiversity Gallery is a hit with the kids, they have all kinds of interactive displays for them to experience things that are found in our community and some that aren't. For those of you across the pond, this gives you an idea of just how huge moose are. There are signs all along our northern highways warning that these huge animals are in the area, it's disastrous if you're in a collision with one of these animals, for both man and beast. On a lighter note, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and pet a Hissing Madagascar cockroach! And yes, it was alive. That was the first thing that R asked me this morning when I told him.
There was a new display of Wedgewood china which I absolutely loved. I've talked to women before at the British Isles Show about the making of Wedgewood and it's incredibly labour intensive. It takes a steady hand to lay each piece of clay motif on an item, some as fine as an eyelash. I fell in love with this teapot from the 1700's, it holds enough tea to keep you happy through an afternoon with your book. After several blissful hours of satisfying our curiosity we walked along Bloor Street, home of Prada, Gucci and other temples of merchandise nirvana (if you're into that sort of thing, I just wanted to get to the bookshop). Suddenly, there was a steely grip on my arm, The Heiress had spotted the Coach store. Biodiversity and architecture through the ages was all forgotten by a window display of shiny new handbags. In a moment of mother/daughter togetherness I sprung for a classic Coach wristlet. A little something to hold her lippy, ID, cell phone and some money when she goes clubbing, she was elated. By this time it was pouring buckets and while browsing in the bookshop I heard snorting, looking down I saw a Yorkshire terrier running in circles, drying her face off on the carpet! Too funny. I purchased a copy of In a Summer Season by Elizabeth Taylor after flipping through the pages and seeing the words, Marylebone, vicar and London. So there we were, the two of us, each with a package under our arm and smiles on our faces riding the train home to Burlington. It was a memorable day. The forecast for today is more rain, too bad there wasn't an Ark at the museum, we could use it.


  1. Ok, I am going to have to stop thinking about the hissing cockroach if I want to write a comment that is coherent (you are made of stronger stuff than I:) You are a very sweet mum springing for the Coach. The photos are fabulous and I was memorized by the moose...they are so beautiful. Happy mum + happy heiress = a perfect day.

  2. The Hissing Madagascar cockroach would have had me running for the door!! Wedgewood china is much more in keeping with my taste;-) We got Daughter #1 a Coach wristlet before she went off to college last fall..she ended up using it often. It sounds like you found a perfect way to spend the rainy day!

  3. Book PSmith, R says no more running to him to get rid of spiders in the house if I can touch a huge cockroach. What have I done!

    JoAnn, I can safely say that I will never be a contestant on Fear Factor, ugh! The Coach wristlet is being paraded around the house as we write. Daughter #2 didn't want one?

  4. I love museums--thanks for sharing photos. I agree with your daughter--a chamber pot would also get a frown from me and I can't imagine having to wear a corset--no wonder women were always fainting--how could they not being strapped into one of those!! :) Yay for finding an Elizabeth Taylor!

  5. Think you must be in the running for best mum ever! I read In a Summer Season ages ago but can't remember it now. Perhaps time to read again?! K x

  6. Danielle, Think of the heat that you have where you live and wearing a heavy, long dress. You're right, they would have been dropping like flies! I think that I'm going to really like Elizabeth Taylor.

    Kristina, When I was flipping through and saw Marylebone, I think it was the station that was mentioned, it reminded me of our day out there. I had to buy it! D x