Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Wandering

There are some gorgeous historic homes in Oakville, the city next to ours, that R and I like to wander around. If Deacon should hear you whisper the phrase "go for a drive" then that's it, you're not getting out of the house without him. We like to stop at the lake so he can play for a bit, he loves to bite at the waves.Every time that we walk past this house, I always say "I love this house". R says "I know". This was what we were searching for. I had seen this lovely shrub on one of our wanders last year and filed it away in my memory. We'd like to add some more shrubs in the back garden while everything is on sale but I couldn't describe it properly to the lady at the garden centre. "I'll get you a picture!" I told her. It turns out to be a Lace Cap Hydrangea and they're lovely. A very nice lady, who had one on her property, told us about them. She had a very nice historic home, too bad she didn't ask us in for tea, well me, that would not have been R's thing AT ALL.
You don't think this outing ended without stopping into a bookshop do you? We passed a chippy wagon, near a second-hand bookshop so both R and I were blissfully happy. A Virago Classic by Vita Sackville-West now has a home on my bookshelf. A very nice day was had by all, I must say.


  1. I love when you share pictures of Deacon...always makes me smile:) And of course finding a good book along the way makes for a good day. I finally had the chance to visit the little book shop downtown and came away with four...I stayed within my budget but next week I'll be back with a replenished wallet.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I have a copy of The Edwardians, too, and am looking forward to reading it....eventually! :) Lovely photos (and lovely lake!).

  3. A perfect day for all! Deacon look very happy by the lake.

  4. I bought that book last week too! We'll have to read it "together"!

  5. Book Psmith, Having you move into the neighbourhood should boost sales at the bookshop:)

    Danielle, We were really impressed by how clean and fresh the lake has become. When we were kids - not so much.

    JoAnn, Deacon starts whining once he knows that we're near the lake and then he's out of the van like a bullet!

    verity, Absolutely! That would be fun so let me know whenever you're feeling the urge to pick it up.