Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday in the Garden

Last year, R made a structure for some clematis to climb out of the framework for a gazebo tent. He calls the vine growing on it 'my clematis'.
We had a new concrete patio poured last summer and have been busy planting hosta and hydrangea around it as it's quite shady. The hydrangeas are loving their new home!
The clematis outside of our front door is lovely when it's in bloom, a very cheery greeting.
Another planting of Anabelle hydrangea, some sedum and daisies off of the patio. Oh how I love the way everything is coming along. But then as you tour your lovely garden you find things like this...
The bunnies in our neighbourhood like to have a nibble on the new plants just to test out whether or not they're yummy. Sigh.
On another note! Just to pass on a fascinating tidbit, did you realize that today's date is 07/08/09 and this morning the clock would have, at one point been 04:05:06. So in review, it would have been 04:05:06 on 07/08/09 - very cool! It won't happen again until 3009.


  1. Oh, you have such a lovely garden Darlene, I am so envious. I live in a flat with a balcony that overlooks a main road... Mind you it is tipping down here so we wouldn't get out in it anyway...

  2. My hostas look like yours...only the culprits here are deer. One side of our house is a little shadier than the others. I never thought to try hydrangea there. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. It all looks fabulous, even the nibbled plant! K x

  4. I am quite flower illiterate and I have always liked hydrangeas but didn't know that was there name until your post. Now when my husband asks me what I want him to plant, I'll know what to call these:)

  5. verity, The grass is always greener as I would dearly love a flat in England.

    JoAnn, It's so hard to be angry as the animals were here first...and they're cute too!

    Kristina, I try to think of it as just building stronger roots instead of putting energy into flowering. Ever the optimist.

    Book Psmith, there are loads of different varieties but the Annabelle is hardy in our zone so it's a great choice. The Lace Cap variety is also gorgeous and my next purchase. Good luck!