Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to School

The Heiress is pretty much packed up and ready to head back to university.  I can tell she's pretty excited about it because she did her own laundry a couple of days ago.  You know, like when you're going on a trip and you're so anxious to do just about anything that will make it feel as though you'll be on your way a bit sooner.  A suitcase, a granny cart, two bags of foodstuff and a box of bath and body supplies are waiting to be hauled downstairs for the trip out.  Handing over my bank card and the keys to the van so she could go shopping for a few bits and bobs were one of my last maternal duties of the summer.  I guess I'm feeling a bit sad that she's leaving because the amount I told her she could spend went up a few times before she raced out to pick up her friend.

This is the fourth year of her Hons. BA in Sociology with a minor in English Lit., then she hopes to pursue a MA in Criminology.  I'll wait with anticipation for the anecdotes of how 'time outs' on the bottom stair and other disciplines could easily have turned her into a serial killer.

I plan on using the tactic I've used for the past three years to avoid any tears or upset when we drop her off at school.  I casually mention that now her father and I can go back to playing Batman and Catwoman with the house to ourselves.  Works like a charm every time.  Yeah, I'm prepared to hear how that scarred her for life as well.


  1. Hee! I can only imagine The Heiress and her professors will have fun with that one.

    I hope she has a marvelous time this term, and that it's not too hard on you.

  2. I laughed the the Batman and Catwomen comment. Why does it embarrass our kids so to know that we can still enjoy ourselves.
    I only have to dance or sing in the house and my teens give me the look of disapproval :)


  3. Oh dear, I can imagine how sad you must be for the departure of the Heiress. I hope that she has a wonderful last year of her BA, fingers crossed for the MA, and I hope that the parting is not too hard on you!

  4. You crack me up Darlene! It's amazing how sending off a daughter to school works wonders on their ability to squeeze the bankcard limit just a bit! I would be the same way, though. Will she get to come home for Fall break?

  5. makedoandread, Thanks, Kate...let's hope she never writes her memoirs! She was all smiles when we dropped her off and she has a week of catching up with friends before classes, and the hard work, begins.

    DizzyC, Too true! My thinking is's our duty to embarrass our kids. And secretly, I think they like it. Thanks for stopping by!

    A Bookish Space, Thank you for your kind words. We ended up having a great time and I got a workout giving the kitchen a good scrubbing...they're on their own now!

    Danielle, Oh definitely! Funny how she bargain shops with her own money but when it's Mum's money the clothes suddenly have labels! Our Thanksgiving is in October so she'll be back before we know it for a homecooked meal.

  6. I love the photo included in your blog entry. From google images or a personal one? I'm a 1950s pic fan.