Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rock buns

The other day Simon posted about doing a bit of Bank holiday baking, specifically Rock buns.

Rising to the challenge of making this delicious companion to a cup of tea, I whipped out my mixing bowl.  Deciding to use Tana Ramsay's recipe proved foolhardy as I had to zest an orange...I always take a nick out of the knuckle on my thumb using the grater.  Note to self: buy a proper zester!

These were super easy to make as demonstrated in Tana's photo which displays her making them with her children.  Well, at least I think they're hers.  My only pitfall was that in the recipe, Tana says not to overcook them as they continue to cook after being removed from the oven.  Finding them a bit anemic looking, I put them back in for another two minutes.  They still look anemic.  Popping back over to Simon's post he says that they should be brown on the top as they're better overdone than undercooked.  I should have followed Simon's advice from the start.  Despite their paleness, these were so delicious I gobbled up two with a cup of tea while they were still warm and I will definitely be baking another batch soon. 

Thanks for issuing the challenge to get baking, Simon!


  1. Hurray, so glad you made them, Darlene! I love them so much that I wanted to spread the joy... although my batch has been eaten, so I'll have to make some more. Out of interest, does Tana's recipe have mixed spice in it? Some do, some don't, and I think it makes such a difference.

  2. Simon, Just a tsp of cinnamon. I didn't have any mixed spice in the house...something to rectify!

  3. They look delicious - I've been meaning to make some ever since Jane Brocket used to post pictures of rock buns on Yarnstorm.

  4. Vintage Reading, Don't hesitate to give them a try and thanks for the reminder that it has been awhile since I've visited Jane's site!

  5. These look yummy. I've never had rock buns before, but it looks like I should remedy that!

  6. In appreciation for alerting me to Michael Cox's excellent "Meaning of Night" (I have a request in for the sequel at the library), may I recommend the Microplane Zester? I had the same problem with scraped knuckles until I invested the best $13 I ever spent on a kitchen appliance on one of these.
    For the second weekend in a row, I'll be making Orangette's Berry Cobbler, using blackberries that grow wild (and invasively) here in the Northwest.