Friday, September 17, 2010

The Tale of Orange

To set the scene:  Darlene knows exactly what she wants at the wool shop and will only be a few minutes. 

I really want a plum shade but there are three different shades of purple.  No matter, one is too dark and the other is too light anyway.  But wait a minute...that green looks ever so sophisticated and isn't that burnt orange soooo autumnal!  Grabbing one of each I browse, and squeeze just about everything else in the shop as a diversion tactic whilst I wait for a colour epiphany to happen.  It doesn't.

Hating to sound like the indecisive twit that I've been reduced to, I resort to displaying three skeins in different shades before the shop owner and ask her to pick one.  She chooses the orange.

'But I don't really wear orange' I said.  'I think I've only chosen it because it's autumnal outside.'

The shop owner replies 'With your colouring it won't matter WHAT else you wear with it, it will be gorgeous!'

'Well...which one would be your second choice?'  Why she didn't kick me out at this point I have no idea.  This time she chooses the plum....'Excellent!' I say.  Gathering up the rejects and collecting two more skeins of plum I begin to feel a bit sick.  The orange would be so much fun to knit with...especially at this time of year and suddenly, the finality of putting back the orange only makes me want it more!  The shop owner is a saint and sees my torment.

'Why are you fighting it?' the shop owner asks.  'That pattern and your colouring are screaming for the know you want it.'  Pimping wool to a knitter is like offering candy to small children, it was all over in an instant.  It was the colour epiphany I was waiting for.

Quickly shoving the skeins of plum back into their cubby, I pay for the orange before I can change my mind.  With one eye on the road and one eye on the orange wool sticking out of the bag, I make for home.

Here's hoping I look ever so fashionable...just like the model wearing the shawl on the pattern.  And do you know what colour hers is (not on my print-out)?  Plum.


  1. Mwaaaaaaaaah! Every knitter reading this is going to laugh in recognition. :)

    That is a beautiful autumnal orange, and is going to look gorgeous. I can't wait to see it when it's done.

  2. You have chosen wisely, my friend.

  3. Every autumn I fall in love with orange all over again. And such a beautiful and sophisticated shade. You and your shawl are going to look fabulous! K x

  4. What a lovely copper-y colour.

  5. It is a beautiful color. Not orange orange but like mary says coppery.

  6. Burnt orange is one of my favourite colours and I have a jumper (with matching scarf and mittens) the colour above.

    Autumnal oranges, plums and greens are my colours; I went through a phase of only wearing those a few years ago and still accessorise and accent outfits with them when I can.

  7. makedoandread, Oh good, it's not just me then. Stay tuned, Kate...

    Susan, It's so nice to see all the orange love, thank you!

    Kristina, I can so picture this with my jean jacket, kicking up some leaves in the park...and the aroma of woodsmoke wafting in the breeze. Very J Peterman catalogue *snort*.

    mary, Oh thank you...copper-y sounds so much nicer than the 'rusty' I was thinking of.

    Mystica, That's it exactly, I'll leave the bright orange to the pumpkins...they wear it best!

    Paperback Reader, Those colours are you to a tee! You are autumn's child, Claire, with your gorgeous colouring.

  8. I would have been bad and bought both the orange and plum, so I applaud your self control. The color is lovely and I bet it looks great on you!

  9. Danielle, I laughed when I read your comment because the first thing R said when I got back home was 'why didn't you just buy both?'.

  10. What a gorgeous Autumnal colour Darlene! I would have bought both too!!!

    I can't wear Orange but I'd make an exception for that. Actually, I currently have my eye on an orange cord skirt I know I'll end up buying. I love autumn and its beautiful colours!

  11. Rachel, Howdy stranger! An orange cord skirt would be just the thing for this time of now!

    I brought my knitting to work today to show the ladies and the colour went over really well there as well. Very glad that I bought it!