Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Featuring a Fall Fair

Balls Falls Conservation Area is the perfect location for a Fall Fair.  The colours, the wide stream running through it, the oranges and golds...and the aroma of chip fat...yum!

There are a few very small historical buildings located here such as this home which would have housed a family but is the size of most people's front room!

Artisans and collectors of all sorts were pedaling their wares.  I absolutely love old portraits such as this and for some reason find this curmudgeonly looking fellow quite charming!

The blacksmith shop is usually a place we look forward to visiting so that we can warm up but it was downright warm on this day.

But not so warm that I left my Hawthorne shawl at home!  I was so happy with this one that I'm eight rows into another one in blue.  In front of me is the actual falls for which the conservation area is named and believe's quite the drop to the bottom! 

This morning we awoke to our first frost of the season.  Summer has well and truly been put to bed.


  1. That shawl is so very pretty. I need to wear mine rather than just admiring it - especially as mine also has fall/autumnal colours. I love to celebrate Autumn, although I'm sad at the loss of the warm weather it is definitely my favourite time of year

  2. Oh well done. Thanks for sharing the picture of the shawl.

  3. Oh that shawl is Divine. And so is the fair! I really want to go to a fair while it's still fall!

    Ok Darlene, here's what's going to happen. I am getting on a bus to Canada and staying with you for a week, and you're going to teach me to knit and I'm going to make you amazing cups of English tea and sausage sandwiches. What do you think?

  4. That shawl is beautiful! I'm so impressed. Lovely pictures too :)

  5. That portrait is rather wonderful, although not as wonderful as your shawl!

  6. A wonderful day out and the colour of the shawl is divine.

    If Rachel gets to come stay then so do I - we will have to make you a REAL roast dinner AND full english breakfast AND chip butties.

  7. The shawl is absolutely gorgeous! And the perfect color for a fall fair.

    K x

  8. This sounds like so much fun. Love the curmudgeon...reminds me of Dickens. I think the shawl turned out so beautiful, Darlene...wonderful work:)

  9. Urggh sausage sandwiches- don't take Rachel up on that!!

  10. Rachel... take the bus as far as my house, then I'll drive the rest of the way to Darlene's. I could use a refresher course in knitting, and would love to have tea with both of you!!

    Darlene - I'm so glad you chose that beautiful rust color! I almost bought some yarn for a new knitting project in the Adirondacks last weekend...need to start again soon.

  11. verity, Definitely no more open water swimming for you! You made me laugh about the sausage sandwiches...guess they are not a fave of yours.

    Susan, Thank you!

    bookssnob, You would have R and Deacon at 'sausage sandwiches'! And between you and Naomi it looks like we would need a weight loss program after you left, haha!

    skirmishofwit, Thank you, it was a fun knit. I was terrified of charts for years but now actually prefer them. Don't hesitate to give them a try!

    A Bookish Space, Thank you and glad you like the portrait as well! I should have asked how much it cost as I'm sure it was there last year. We can't have that poor couple going homeless!

    Bloomsbury Bell, You and Rachel crack me up! I have images of being held hostage at the kitchen table while you two fatten us up!

    Kristina, I can just picture a cranberry colour for Christmas...and there was a lovely moss colour too. Can you ever have too many?

    Stacy, Isn't he fabulous! I'm sorry that I didn't even peek at his price tag as I'm actually missing the fellow. And yes, very Dickensian!

    JoAnn, Wouldn't we have a great time! But we mustn't leave out Bloomsbury Bell, she's missing Rachel since she left for the Big Apple.

    Isn't it funny how a dip in the thermometer has us thinking of craft shops!

  12. Your shawl is gorgegous, just right for a Fall fair