Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not Just Any Old Book Fair

An Antiquarian Book Fair is coming to Toronto this weekend and I'm hoping to stop by.  R said 'Be sure to bring something home for yourself!'  Then I started browsing some of the books on offer.  This first edition, Virginia Woolf, and in fact, the first publication of Hogarth Press is on offer for an eye-watering $86,150 CDN.

If I won the lottery, I would pick this AA Milne up for Simon (do I really need to explain which Simon?).  Also a first edition, The House at Pooh Corner is a very good deal at only $1,000 CDN.

And these three volumes of Emma *squeals with delight* by Jane Austen, are going for $27,000 CDN.  It was sheer bliss to click on the galleries and go through the titles.  Go ahead and daydream.

I will try my best to bring home a book but more than likely it will come from Nicholas Hoare, just down the road, and cost less than $20 *sigh*. 


  1. I'm sure it will be lovely to just go and look....

  2. how beautiful though, even if you don't get to buy. That Woolf book is stunning.

  3. Wow, my jaw drops when I see $100+ price tags when looking around books on ebay, but these prices are really WOW. If only...all the money in the world...Little Dorrit installments would be mine. Don't quite understand the 2008 Folio edition of Wind in the Willows being so expensive:( Like the others, it would be just a joy to go and look...have fun and let us know what you do come with.

  4. Umm...that was supposed to be 'come home with'...oops.

  5. Oooh what fun! I went to an antiquarian auction once when I worked in the rare books department - fascinating!

  6. Oh how exciting--even if only just to look! K x

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  7. Rare books are a joy just to view, let alone own. Enjoy your visit (and, no, you do not have to explain which Simon!)!

  8. What a lovely selection of books! I wouldn't trust myself with anything that cost more than $20, but it is very nice to look. I remember going to a book fair in London once and I didn't realise it was proper antiquarian books - I picked up a book and the man came running over and said 'don't touch them!' and then explained it was 1000 pounds or something ridiculous. I made a swift exit! The Bargain Basement of Quintos on Charing Cross Road is where I belong. I know my place!

  9. Susan, Judging by the prices, looking will be quite all that I can afford!

    Jane, Isn't it! There is another Woolf as well with a woodcut cover by Vanessa, and I don't think anywhere near as expensive.

    Stacy, If I come across the Folio then I'll be sure to ask about the cost. I've never seen one 'in the flesh' so will definitely be seeking it out!

    verity, You're most likely surrounded by gorgeous antiquarian goodies at work aren't you!

    Kristina, Oh I love it when the word verification is somehow relative to the post!

    Paperback Reader, This will definitely be more like a museum adventure than a buying one! And, as my branch manager reminded me, you really should have a proper humidity-controlled room for storing these treasures. I have a lot going against me!

    bookssnob, That's hilarious, although I don't think the book seller thought so! I didn't know Quintos had a bargain basement....(small fantasy taking place at the moment).

  10. Would love to go to the book fair - it really sounds like an experience. If you want a good story of people addicted to books, try reading "The Club Dumas" by Arturo Perez-Reverte. A great murder mystery all about rare books!