Friday, October 15, 2010

Scarves and Tissues

Cold season has kicked off at our house with R succumbing first and then sharing with me.  While feeling less than energetic and miserable is not fun, slowing down your pace can be quite lovely.

A few days ago, a package arrived in the mail from Kristina.  Cheerful birthday wishes and this too-adorable-for-words booklet were inside.  Starting off...

'When the Duchess invites you for a fortnight in August...and you realise, at one and the same time, that HE will be there and you can't afford any new clothes...'

I wrote to Kristina that it reads like a bedtime story for women!  The illustrations were familiar and on closer inspection I see this is the work of none other than Joyce Dennys.  Off I went in search of my copy of Henrietta's War to admire once again.  While the tissues pile up around my pillows and blankets these little gems have been a bright spot.

A side note...At 3:20 am that annoying tickle began as my cold pill wore off so I got up to make a cup of tea.  In a semi-dark kitchen I plugged in the kettle and heard a buzzing sound.  Then horror of horrors saw orange glowing behind the switch plate!  Yanking out the plug I could see a blackened area around the switch so I resorted to boiling water on the stove for my tea.  Needless to say, getting back to sleep wasn't easy and first thing this morning I put in a work order with R for a repair. 


  1. So happy you like the scarf book! Just finished reading Henrietta Sees it Through, which was just wonderful. Now must reread Henrietta's War, as I gave it a rather lackluster review the first time round, and now I have no idea why!

    Hope your kettle and/or switch can be repaired quickly. And hope you're feeling much better very soon!

    K x

  2. What a perfect gift! Love the illustrations...I'm a sucker for them. Too scary about the switch plate. Hope the repairs are easy and painless. Feel well soon:)

  3. How lovely! Joyce Dennys' illustrations are very unique and somehow manage to be incredibly witty!

    Darlene! You could have been electrocuted! Hope R manages to fix it. Wishing you better!

  4. Hope you are feeling better. I am checking whether our library has these books.

  5. What a lovely little booklet! I hope you are feeling better now and that R. has managed to fix the socket and restored your kettle to its rightful place.

  6. Oh, I so very much want the Joyce Dennys book - how would one go about it??