Monday, February 21, 2011

A Note About William

It was so appropriate to reach the end of William on Family Day as it was filled with the trials and tribulations of a bustling family.  It's a recently implemented holiday here to spend time with your family, to engage in outdoor activities or to dust off your board games.  Most of us are just thankful for the extra day to sleep in a bit later and catch up on things that need doing around the house.

Hopefully everyone joining Simon and me in reading this wonderful story by E.H. Young has finished or is just about to.  I will start things off this Thursday morning and you can jump in with your thoughts and comments.  If you have read William in the past, we would love for you to join in as well!  Simon is willing to round up any reviews so please let him know if you have one to share.

Have a lovely day wherever you are!

Painting by Harrington Mann:  A Family Portrait of Four Children


  1. Just this minute finished. It's a much different book at the end than at the beginning...looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts (and gathering my own).

  2. I began this but found I simply wasn't enjoying it, whereas I absolutely loved South Riding (currently being shownn on UK TV) which is much the same period (William 1920s, South Riding 1930s.) I will have another 'go' at it, but I have my doubt as to whether this is for me.
    Margaret P

  3. Audrey, Terrific! Think away and we'll see you soon.

    galant, Not to worry, that's the way it goes sometimes. All points of view are welcome so I do hope you will still drop by!

  4. I'm not reading this now but will be interested to read your reviews. Beautiful portrait!
    I hope you had a great day too :-)

  5. Cristina, I wonder if they're counting the minutes until they can put their play clothes on again!

  6. I'm just about to click 'post' on my review, and then will be heading over to join in discussion! Sadly I'm at work all day, and then out in the evening, so my appearances will be sporadic, but I'm so looking forward to hearing people's thoughts.

    Oh, and I'll be doing a giveaway tomorrow of a spare copy :)

  7. StuckInABook, Our read-along partners can leave their thoughts and talk amongst themselves in our absence as I have a four hour shift as well. I was wondering about the time difference with Australia...they are way ahead of me! Perhaps I will post Wed pm so the ladies will have it for their Thurs.

    Whoever wins a copy is in for a great read!