Monday, November 3, 2008

Nicholas Hoare

My favourite bookshop is Nicholas Hoare in Toronto on Front St.
They have a ladder that is very tempting to climb on, although, I think it's only for staff. Doesn't stop me from thinking about it though!
Nicholas Hoare carries mostly British books which makes it so fun to browse in. You don't find books like these at Chapters. I picked up the Elizabeth Bowen on a whim and I'm quite sure I'll be back for more of her work. I saw "Mrs. Woolf & the Servants" on Stuck in a Book and knew it was for me straight away, I just love upstairs/downstairs stories. Mister and I have stayed in Bloomsbury just around the corner from Virginia Woolf's home.


  1. Lucky you--what a wonderful bookstore. I would love to have one like that in my town! Probably better that I don't as I would be constantly buying books. The Light book is wonderful by the way (I love those sorts of stories, too--fiction and NF). Thanks for sharing the photos. BTW, all the books you are currently reading either are really good or sound really good (I have several on my pile, too), though the Devonshire book is new to me.

  2. This latest blog is so you. If I didn't know any better, I would have imagined your home decorated like a Nicholas Hoare, complete with ladders in your study, parlour tables adorned with lovely tea pots, knitting needles and of course, fresh baking. Yup, that's you alright!

    See you at work!

  3. What an amazing bookshop! And the ladder is so fab! Really looking forward to hearing about 'Mrs Woolf and the Servants' as I too love upstairs/downstairs stories. K x