Sunday, November 2, 2008


Mister and I needed to escape the frigid landscape that is our house. The new furnace arrives tomorrow and I think a medal should accompany it. We drove to Toronto and went to the Nicholas Hoare bookshop, St Lawrence Market and had a lunch at The Irish Embassy Pub. I have been interested in trying a Pimms for absolutely ages and it's not easy to come by around here. You can imagine my delight when returning from the ladies to wash up Mister announced "I've ordered you a Pimms". It was on the menu - oh joy, oh bliss! Now you would think by that reaction that I'm a lover of alcohol which I am not. BUT, in the interest of most things English I so wanted to know what it was like. It's delicious! Although it was lunchtime the Full English breakfast sounded pretty tempting - except for the dreaded Black Pudding, otherwise known as Blood Pudding. Well, nothing like a Pimms to reduce your inhibitions and what do you know, Black Pudding is not so bad! Dare I say that I even liked it. A grand time was had by the two of us and tomorrow I'll write about my book purchases. That is if the installers don't have to shut off the power for the duration - groan. "Bartender, another Pimms please".


  1. Ok, I draw the line at black pudding....YUK! And by the way, what is a Pimms? Is it a mix? Next time you pop over to TO, I'd like to join you - that is, if the Mister will allow it?!

  2. Now that Pimm's Cup looks suspiciously empty! Where are the cucumber wedges, mint leaves, and lemon and orange slices? And it can't be a Pimm's Winter Cup, as it contains ice. But G will very happily sort you out in May!

    And Diana and I tried black pudding for the very first time, too, on our foraging weekend, and we both had to admit that we thought it was quite nice as well! K x