Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Morning

This morning we got up and drove to Tim Horton's for coffee/tea and a bagel to munch on while we drove up to Lowville Park. Deacon starts whining once we're in the van because he knows we're on our way to his favourite spot. He turns his face to the sun once we get there.
This 'teepee' sort of structure has been here for years. I have no idea who built it but throw a tarp or two over it and you could camp out for the night. You wouldn't find me staying there but somebody would.
Inspired by the lovely images of snowdrops featured in the Spring issues of so many magazines, I went in search of well, anything I could find sprouting. This little bit of moss and the leaf of some plant was all that seemed to be peeking through the forest mulch. Once we got back to the house I was greeted by a single yellow Crocus by the front door. In the end, I didn't have to go very far did I.


  1. Can you believe that I visited a Tim Horton's for the first time just this month? It was on the NY Thruway near Rochester. There aren't any near me.

    Another sure sign of spring - we saw a robin in the backyard!

  2. JoAnn, LOL! I think we must have a Tims at every major intersection around here! We had a couple of robins on the back fence last week, hooray for Spring!

  3. Wouldn't find me sleeping in that teepee either--just a bit too rustic! K x