Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day Five

Cath Kidston is a gorgeous shop in Marylebone and Covent Garden that carries items ladies would like and most of them are adorned in flowers and pretty designs. Now, you're wondering why there is a photo of some graveyard headstones. The shop didn't open until 10:30 am due to a 'mishap with the Manager'. Sounds grim doesn't it. I bought a tea and waited in a parkette where a church used to stand in the 1700's. Francis Bacon was married here and William Hogarth painted some of his wonderful art on the ceiling, I came to learn much more about him later. Oh yes, the wait was worth it, I purchased a new bag for summer with the encouragement of some ladies from Japan. They spoke no English but we understood each other perfectly.
There are free lunch-time concerts on certain days at St-Martins-in-the-Fields. Who says London is expensive! There were three boys performing from the Trinity School in Croyden. The youngest was all of 10 years old and when he played the violin I had tears in my eyes. The church was undergoing restoration when R and I were visiting in 2007 and it looks so fresh and bright now. You can have lunch in the crypt, even if you're not hungry you should go downstairs for a peek!
Since The National Portrait Gallery is practically across the street, I stopped in for a visit. Jane Austen's portrait by her sister, Cassandra is on display there. A light shines on the portrait every 30 seconds or so, I feel as though I'm stopping by to visit a friend.
It is just foolish to come to London and not see a play! I really wanted to see 39 Steps and it exceeded all of my expectations. There were only four members in the cast which required them to play several characters. It was absolutely hilarious and I must have had a silly grin on my face the whole time. At the end of the play there was a winter scene and the first three rows were treated to a snowfall! I was in the fourth row so I narrowly escaped.
I managed to take a shot of the balconies before people started to file in. The Criterion Theatre is so cozy and has a very old-fashioned feel about it and it should, it's been here since the 1800's. Step outside and you're in the heart of Piccadilly Circus. Be sure to visit the TKTS booth in Leicester Square for half-price tickets on the day of your favourite play. The tube station was just a few steps away so it was a short ride home to The Arran House for a cup of tea and to bed.


  1. The church photo is amazing, and the theater is just lovely, too!

  2. 'A mishap with the Manager'...should we call on Sherlock Holmes:) That church is so beautiful. St. Martins-in-the-Fields and Jane Austin's portrait? Sounds like another perfect day. 39Steps sounds wonderful and how cool was the snowfall. Can't wait to see what's up for tomorrow.

  3. JoAnn, I would find myself thinking of the people that sat in those seats or pews long ago, quite amazing and lovely indeed.

    Book Psmith, I know! Wasn't that a rather mysterious statement to make about the Manager. Was she pushed down some stairs or did her cat throw up on the carpet? It could be any number of things - hmmm.

  4. The mishap with the manager sounds even more dire when accompanied by a picture of a graveyard...

    And the play sounds wonderful! Must look into matinee tickets. And must make sure I'm in one of the first three rows, as you know how I love snow!

    K x

  5. Sometimes the most enjoyable days are the ones where something unplanned happens. Graveyards are actually pretty cool. Must read 39 Steps, I think!