Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day Three

It was a beautiful morning so being inside a museum wasn't an option. I was off to Hampstead Heath. The architecture is fantastic, you spend a great deal of time looking up. This is a view of the High Street and I'm on my way to Kenwood House. What I thought would be a short stroll ended up being a huge trek but the scenery was worth it. The houses are so quaint and church bells were pealing as it was Sunday. After walking around the town and then through the Heath I finally arrived on the grounds of Kenwood House. The rhododendrons were absolutely massive, May is a fabulous month to be here.
The back view of Kenwood House overlooks a lake and forest, a mystical setting. This country house dates from the 17th century and houses art by Gainsborough, Vermeer, Van Dyck and Rembrandt to name a few. There was also an exhibit of shoe buckles and portrait miniatures, so beautiful.
After a morning of tranquility it was time for some shopping! After a bite for lunch it was on to Oxford Street, Piccadilly, Regent Street and Carnaby Street. The sights, the sounds and the price tags oh my!
I use TripAdvisor quite a bit when planning my trips to London and one of the members organizes get togethers quite often for people vacationing in the city. We met at a pub just off of Queen's Gate Mews, absolutely stunning architecture for those of us that don't have anything close to this in our own city. I met some wonderful people, one of whom does security for the Royal Family, oh the stories he could have told! There was a lovely woman from Vienna, an American who has worked as a Barrister in London for 18 years and a woman from Vermont on her 11th trip across the pond. She's a librarian and had already purchased 40 books! An older couple were there but left shortly after I had arrived so I didn't get to speak to them very much. It was so lovely to meet up with a group of strangers that felt like your friends and have the best Pimms I've ever tasted. There was practically half an orchard of fruit in it! Once I left the Goodge Street tube station I realized that I hadn't had dinner. I spied a Subway that had its doors propped open but they were in the process of closing. I apologized and went to leave but they wouldn't hear of sending me off wanting and made me a delicious sandwich which I took off to my room. Pajamas on, kettle on, the days Evening Standard open on my bed and the telly for company...I am so enjoying myself.


  1. Darlene: Thanks for mentioning TravelAdvisor. I was trying to put together an affordable trip to London from Toronto for a week about a month ago but abandoned it in despair after tallying the cost. Adore England in May - the best time ever. Great photos.

  2. Thank you so very much for posting a daily commentary on your fantastic trip to London. I can hardly to wait to read the rest of your adventures --- it is like a serial novel :)

    I have been to London twice - both times with groups of students for only 7 days. I would absolutely love to take a trip there by myself (well, I would take my husband) and really have the time to tour the surrounding areas as well.

  3. meadowcroft, don't give up! I put money away from each pay and it really adds up. Pubs are a great value for meals and with B&B's offering breakfast eating doesn't cost that much at all. Most museums are free too!

    Molly, There were several times when I would pass school groups - yikes! That is a lot of kids to keep your eyes on in a busy place.

  4. Wow, I had no idea rhododendrons were so huge! They're mentioned in Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca at the start of the book and they sounded very red and ominous--and now I can see they really would have been!! Sounds like a lovely day!

  5. Danielle, Aren't they amazing, must be perfect growing conditions there.