Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Deacon Ponders Brookner...

'One summer at La Gaillarderie, 18-year-old Maud - handsome but not flirtatious - meets two Englishmen, and they all move eventually to an apartment in Paris. Maud is seduced by the assured and ruthless David who leaves her pregnant, whereupon the quiet dreamy Edward offers to marry her.'

"Oh, Maud...the things I could have told you about men, you silly girl" thought Deacon as he ponders Incidents in the Rue Laugier.

My first attempt at reading Brookner fell a bit flat with Fraud but Thomas' enthusiasm and the antics of a cross-dressing border collie have encouraged me to try again.  Speaking of which, by the looks of my vintage dress now that playtime is over he needs to be reminded where we keep the lint brush!

Thomas is kindly hosting International Brookner Day.  For more information click here!


  1. I think Deacon has good taste in books.

  2. Oh Darlene! You are hilarious. Poor old Deacon - but he does look very dapper!

    I have never tried Anita Brookner. I am following the International Brookner Day proceedings with interest to see whether I think she will be my cup of tea.

    Talking of cups of tea, it's nice to see Deacon partaking in a wee brew in what looks like a very attractive tea cup while he enjoys his Brookner!

  3. What a soulful expression he has on his face! Very appropriate to Anita, I'm sure. I read several of her novels years ago but I wasn't mad about her so I'm not taking part in Thomas's challenge. I am looking forward to the pet pictures though.

  4. Cornflower, He drooled on my book! But to be fair, The Heiress was holding a piece of cheese as his reward for sitting.

    bookssnob, The Heiress and I were in fits! A chin strap on the hat would have come in handy but we managed. Thomas is quite passionate about Brookner so I'm sure he would thrilled to tempt you.

    kristina, For the price of a piece of cheese that boy is putty in my hands.

    lyn, Oh definitely! I thought the tissues just might come in handy with her depressive sort of writing style. And stay tuned...Thomas will be outfitting his dog, Lucy.

  5. What a lovely picture of Deacon, does he like having his picture taken? He has a really nice coat from what I can see of it.

  6. I'd recommend Hotel Du Lac. That's the only Brookner I've read - must get on with Thomas's challenge!

  7. Rob, Oh, you wouldn't believe it...he comes running when he hears the little 'bling' sound the camera makes when you turn it on! And yes, his coat is really shiny due to his papa's genes and lots of brushing. Too bad his dress covers up quite a lot of him *snort*!

    Nicola, Thanks for your recommendation! It seems like such a popular choice and I wanted to be didn't work. 'Incidents in the Rue Laugier' seems to be coming along better though. Thanks for stopping by!