Sunday, June 26, 2011

Playing Hooky from Housework

Every few weeks it's important to forget about the lawn mower, the laundry and the grocery shopping so you can just take off and have fun.  Last winter, R and I discovered West Bloor Village in Toronto and since strolling is much nicer in the warm weather that's where we set off for yesterday.  Imagine walking into what looked like an average Chapters bookstore to discover it used to be a vaudeville theatre!  To visit the ladies room you have to exit stage left but naturally I couldn't resist turning to look out over a sea of books and imagine faces.  What a ham!
As someone who has a designated 'chocolate cupboard' my eye was drawn to a display of Dolfin chocolate bars in a shop full of the most fresh and colourful take-out food you can imagine.  These are for the gourmand with delectable flavours such as lemon and ginger, pear and grilled almond and dark chocolate with violets.  But who am I kidding?  Cadbury Fruit and Nut Dark takes me to a happy place every bit as well.
With Mexican music playing in the background we could have closed our eyes and pretended to be on a hot, sunny beach.  And we would have had to pretend as the weather was quite cool and grey yesterday in Toronto, not at all typical for June.  While these bottles were a feast for the eyes with their summery picnic packaging we found some chardonnay from a local winery on offer at a great price.  You can probably guess which one we brought home.

And last not but least we found the proverbial 'doggy in the window'.  With sleepy eyes this little sweetheart watched a steady stream of people go past the shop from the comfort of a sofa on display.  Hopefully whoever ends up buying it isn't allergic to dogs!

I suppose that my book find should also have a mention.  At BMV Books, a second-hand shop, I found a great deal on a very nearly pristine copy of this.  But first I have some housework to catch up on before I get stuck in!


  1. Wow - that looks amazing! I must getsome pink lemonade for my hen party next weekend - we have pink fizzy sparkly "champagne" (unlikely to be terribly tasty given that K got 3 bottles for £12)

  2. I am so impressed by the restraint implied in having a chocolate cupboard. Speaking as one who usually gobbles it up on the way home.

  3. PS Get that housework done first, because once you start Taste you won't want to put it down.

  4. verity, Hahaha...well, you could always add some bubbly to the lemonade if it's too terrible.

    mary, You do make me laugh! Do you take the Tube or drive a car? If I had a bar of something nice in my bag and sat waiting for a train...oh yeah, that chocolate wouldn't stand a chance!

  5. Oh my stars! That's the Runnymede! I knew they'd made it into a Chapters, but I had no idea they'd left it intact like that. Since I'm an east ender, I rarely get out to Bloor West Village, but now I see it's worth a trip.

    Last (only) time I was in that building , it was to see Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

    I believe it was the local movie house (post vaudeville days) for Lucy Maude Montgomery when she lived in that neighbourhood. (1935-42)

  6. Susan, I think you would really enjoy the atmosphere and there is another lovely bookshop called The Bookmark further up that is like a mini-Nicholas Hoare.

    And in a lovely gesture, Chapters has kept a few old velvet movie house chairs. Who knows, perhaps Lucy sat in one of them!

  7. That is the most amazing bookstore. And I recognize the Belvoir Fruit Farms bottles from Waitrose--mmm! K x

  8. Oh wow! That's so beautiful! Shame it wasn't full of second hand books though. I would never leave if it was!

    Mmmm that chocolate looks yummy. When you are in London Darlene you have to go to Rococco Chocolates. I will take you. You will LOVE it! I used to go in on my lunchbreak and just eat loads of samples. :)

  9. Kristina, Aren't they charming! And delicious too I bet.

    bookssnob, I know. The surroundings were fabulous to look at but held way too much contemporary fiction for my interest.

    I've added it to my list of things to do, Rachel! Samples you say....