Sunday, June 12, 2011

Snippets of England in Oakville

The Heiress and I took ourselves off to Downtown Oakville this afternoon to window shop.  First we browsed the main street shops, then we ooohed and ahhhed the historic homes.

Quite a few are sporting Union Jack flags.  As I was tucking my camera back into my purse I said to The Heiress "Snippets of England", just then the lady strolling by on the sidewalk let herself into this doorway with a smile...oops.

Wouldn't it be lovely to walk through these gates every day, fling open the door and say "I'm home!"? Well, only if I had some help washing doggy prints off of the miles of floor space.

This charming courtyard belongs to a church.  It's deceivingly tranquil...just to the right there was an event taking place with clowns, kids and balloons all over the place.  One little imp almost clipped me with her Frisbee minutes earlier!

And of course we brought Deacon along for the ride.  A dip in the lake and sharing a sausage in a bun from the butcher's bbq stand is the best part of this boy's day out in Oakville.  "Get your stick!"


  1. I'd love to have been wandering round there with you. Gorgeous houses! And Deacon is a BEAUTIFUL boy! (But I take it he knows that?)

  2. Penny, It's the nicest stroll and you get lots of garden ideas. Deacon is such a pretty fella but don't let that face fool you...he's all boy and a real monkey!

  3. Gorgeous houses! You'd be right at home there Darlene! A regular Provincial Lady!

    But who wants to do all that dusting and hoovering? Certainly not me.

  4. Lovely homes--did seeing those Union Jacks put you in the mood for your upcoming trip?