Monday, December 15, 2008

Cross Stitch Ornaments

In the past I've done my best to make an ornament every Christmas for The Tree. Since there is No Tree this year to hang ornaments on I have put some behind glass to be safe. This way I can admire them without fear that Deacon will play Thief.


  1. No tree! Is it because of Deacon? Perhaps a little tabletop tree? K x

  2. Kristina, You got it in one, yes it's because of Deacon...sigh. We do have a teeny table top tree up with tiny ornaments, they could be earrings really! D x

  3. Those are lovely!! I didn't make a single stitched ornament this year unfortunately, but tomorrow I'll share the little stitched sheep I have made for the Christmas holidays (only stitched not actually finished into anything special yet). I also have a small tree that I use for my stitched ornaments that I didn't get out this year, but I also like the idea of displaying stitched projects under glass as well. Nice work and cute designs! :)