Monday, December 29, 2008

Phone Sweater

We've all had such a lovely Christmas holiday, my personal high moment was having the gravy work out! Always a "phew" moment for me. The Heiress got a new phone and wasn't having the best of luck in finding a case that fit properly. Ravelry to the rescue! We sat down to browse the patterns and found one that fit the bill. The Heiress was so pleased with the result she came downstairs carrying her iPod. "Mum, do you think..." so of course I did. With so many errands to do and things to remember for Christmas I was joking with a friend on Christmas Eve that I needed a notebook on a string around my neck. At Christmas dinner when it came time to pull our Crackers what popped out of mine but a miniature notebook! Gales of laughter ensued, it was a wonderful day.


  1. What clever and practical phone covers! Would those patterns be classified as easy patterns? Something to consider for the knitting club!

  2. K2 P2, It doesn't get much easier than that! ~D

  3. Adore the little sweaters! And totally love the car on the magazine cover, too! K x