Friday, January 9, 2009

Handsome Fella

Ever since Deacon was a puppy I've belonged to a sort of Facebook for Border Collies. This site was wonderful for laughing with others over the trials and tribulations of owning one of these high energy over thinkers. The greater part of 2008 was taken up with training Deacon and finding outlets for his never ending antics and the worst is over - yes, it was pretty exhausting. So now I'm finding time to read a little more, although it's never enough, start to knit again and even try my hand at blogging. I had a request for some updated pictures of Deacon from my Border Collie group since I've been neglecting them of late (I wish there were more hours in a day for the fun stuff). So this is one of the pictures that I took this morning of my handsome fella, that fluffy chest is hilarious! It wasn't so funny this morning though when he was drooling all down the front of it while watching me eat my pancakes!


  1. Very handsome indeed! I bet he's handsome even when drooling! K x

  2. He is a handsome animal, and here he looks quite dignified!

  3. Kristina, The amount of times we've had a dinner interrupted while someone gets a cloth to wipe Deacon's face,'s a very good thing for him he's so cute!